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    I am interested in buying a black powder rifle kit, I looked at the ones at cabelas, and weren't real impressed, and people say that none of the holes line up and there is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to put them together, I am looking for a good quality kit that I can spend some nights putting it together, let me know your experiences or recommendations as to which kit is the best way to go.


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    I dealt with Track for years. Good people and quality parts
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    Howdy folks, new to the forum, just found it. Been using BP since 1978 and can't seem to get the smell out of my nose. Every time I hear someone talking about kit guns I think of something an old timer told me about them many years ago. He said "there's a whole bunch more folks that can take $100 worth of gun parts and make a $50 gun then the other way around". Just something fun to share.
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    Kit guns

    Having built a few "kit guns" I can safely say it's not something you should take lightly. Unless you have considerable skills in the field of metal working and the wood trade you probably should not do a kit. Unless of course your hell bent on creating something on your own and the outcome doesn't really matter. Because your first kit will be worth less as a finished rifle then the parts were worth when you started. If your still wanting to build one first go down and look at a factory finished one and ask yourself, can I do better then that. IF the answer is yes then go for it. Otherwise buy the factory one and have fun shooting it.
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    I did a lot of research into kits several years ago and found that Jim Chambers had the highest quality kits (mainly 18th and 19th century flintlocks). The Track-of-the-Wolf kits look to be excellent also. It took me about 100 hours to complete a long rifle from a Chamber's kit (it was my first and I went slowly); I am sure it isn't as perfect as a master gunmaker could produce but it is beautiful, accurate and reliable and the satisfaction of having produced it yourself is hard to put a price-tag on.