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    So I'm looking for a new rifle mainly for deer hunting in MN, average shot is just over 150 yards but I want it to be able to reach 300 or more with enough power to knock down an elk or moose or even a bear(but not at 300 for the bear). I would like to know what kind of caliber to get and price isn't really a problem with me. Thanks

  2. c3shooter

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    There are dozens and dozens of golly gee wowie superduper short shorter shortest min-magna- wompums on the market. All guaranteed to leave your targets brighter and whiter, and cause a moose to drop dead from fright at the sound of the bolt closing. Many of which you will scramble to find ammo for in 10 years.

    Just my not so humble opinion, the venerable 30-06 or .270 have accounted for more than their share of big game. For some more authority, .300 Win Mag. The .308 Winchester can also be an the short list. The Winchester 70 seems to do this very well, although Remington (SAFTIES BE DAMNED! :p) and Savage can also hold up their heads quite well.
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    Another vote for the 30-06. It's likely the world's most versatile cartridge. It'll do almost anything well including what you want it to do.I don't currently own a 30-06 but if I had to choose just 1 centerfire rifle it would be the 30-06. The magnums are great for larger game BUT are overkill on whitetail IMO.
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    50BMG hands down :D

    Go big or go home!
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    Now how does that contribute positively or is helpful to the OP?

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  7. mcramer

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    It was supposed to be read as a joke.

    clearly rifles more suitable would be .308, .300. 30-06
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    I'm kind of partial to my 7mm rem mag, the 30-06 is an excellent round and I shot my first elk with one (many years ago), but in my opinion the 7mm is a better all around choice, especially if you reload, due to the flatter trajectory for longer shots.
    Can't go wrong with either, though.
    In the end it all comes down to, knowing your rifle and it's capabilities, your capabilities, shot placement, and a deep love for hunting.
    Again, just my humble opinion:)
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    The reputation and statistics speak for the 30.06. You can decide for your self on what gun by considering; price,appearance,and feel. However when you ask a forum to help you choose, your going to get answers based on personal experiences influenced by a lot of different things. As new as you are to the forum you may not be able to separate the experts from the wannabes. Bear,Tango and Lonaeger are some of the most knowledgeable on the forum. I who am not, like the 30.06 for what I feel are obvious reasons but there several calibers that are more than adaquate to do what you want. Bullet choice is as important as caliber in a lot of cases. The 30.06 has probably the widest selection of bullets available.
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    I would agree w/ Gordo on this one.
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    What no one have any love for the old 9.3?
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    I go for that one

    Most versatile, but the most popular IMO is .308, I'd go with a soft nosed 762x54 which is equal to .308, just a different rifle
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    30-06 or .308 winchester. both have almost identical ballastics with a humongous selection of bullets for loading your own or off the shelf loaded ammo. both are super easy reloader friendly rounds.

    my personal choice is .308 because there are so many different platforms for the round. 30-06 your pretty much stuck with a bolt gun of some sort.

    between the two options are pretty much limiitless.