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    I am new to this Forum and first generation firearm owner. I store my firearms in a safe, and I have some that unfortunately are safe queens, several times a year I clean each firearm even if it has not been shot since the last cleaning. When cleaned/stored the last patch through the barrel is clean, then the final patch is damp with a gun oil. I have mostly bolt action rifles, Mauser 98, Swedish Mauser, M48 and several modern bolt actions Ect. When I go to clean what should be a clean rifle, I find a dirty barrel. Sometimes so dirty it takes as many as twenty passes of a patch before I get a clean patch. I use Hoppes #9, Break Free power blast, Rem oil and Lucus gun oil all in moderation. The patches on the "clean" gun come out black. What is happening here and is this normal? BTW this is not happening with the handguns.
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    Are u using a bore brush ? if not then maby you are getting the surface stuff off and after sitting with gun oil in it it is working on the left deposits on thre riffling and alowing them to be taken off with the new patches.
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    That is normal. Breakfree will continue to lift residue out of the pores of the metal as it sits. So after a few weeks of just sitting you will get dirt out of the bore. Its normal. Even happens with handguns to a lesser extent.
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    You should run a few dry patches through the rifle after you are done running solvent through. it is not good for you rifle to let that stuff sit in there. your barrel should be dry when you are done. I would not even bother with putting gun oil in there.