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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Ploofy, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Ploofy

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    I'm thinking about getting a new rifle. I would like something that shoots well, and is cheap. Size/weight and looks aren't important to me. Hopefully something that could be used to hunt deer, but would mostly be used at the range. And preferably something I could slap a scope on if I decided it would be worth it, but if it just has iron sights, thats fine too. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. VitSports6

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    Mosin Nagant M91 or M91/30 or some variant.
    Can be am inexpensive rifle to purchase, Ammo is cheap as well, But a lot can be corrosive.
    A scope may be your only issue here, But there some aftermarket stocks, scope mounts and the like.
    I'm certain there are plenty of rifles available in what you are looking for.
    Best of luck

  3. c3shooter

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    Well, there is a mountain of rifles out there. IMHO, the .223 is too light for deer sized game. Several state game commissions agree with me.

    If you are looking at Milsurp, the Moisin/ Nagant is cheap, plentiful, cheap ammo, and MORE than enough power to plant a deer. It CAN be scoped, with some degree of effort and cost. There are a number of 8mm Mausers, many of them Yugos going for inder $200. Same elements apply to the Mauser.

    A Swiss K-31 is not as cheap as it once was. Milsurp ammo is around, getting scarcer. These can be scoped quite easily, and while they look a touch weird, shoot great.

    However, you may want to think about another rifle- very light recoil, very accurate, and IMHO under appreciated- the 6.5 mm Swedish Mauser.
  4. JonM

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    depends on your definition of cheap. i saw a real nice lever action at the gunshow this weekend in 45/70 for about 500$. but im biased towards 45cal rifles.
  5. Logan2302

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    I'm getting more and more of the opinion that when someone is struggling to decide on a rifle, pick the caliber first. Then pick the price range, and finally (and probably the hardest) select the type of rifle and brand.

    For example, If your only interested in 200 yds and less, you'll eliminate a lot of selections and save a lot of money.
  6. Win73

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    I would recommend a New England Firearms Handi Rifle. They are inexpensive and American made. You could get one with iron sights and if later you wanted to add a scope, they are already drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

    I have two of the NEF's. One is a .30-06. I have fired it six times at animals. With those six shots I have killed five deer and a coyote. Before this past season I took the Tasco scope off of it and put a Nikon Buckmasters on it.

    I have two barrels for my other Handi Rifle. One is a .50 caliber muzzleloader and the other is a .357 magnum. I have killed two deer with the muzzleloader.
  7. stalkingbear

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    No offense Panda but the Remington model 770 is simply a redesigned model 710. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone-especially with the Savage Axis, the Marlin X-7, and the Remington model 700 SPS on the market for the same or just a touch more money. You wouldn't believe all the 710s & 770s I got in over the years since their introduction for repair/send back to factory.
  8. pandamonium

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    No offense taken Bear, EVER!! I thank you for the info, as I have been considering a Rem. If the Savage is that much better a rifle, especially in the opinion of a very experienced Smith, then I will definitely heed your advice. Thank You.
  9. TNEFF

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    Lots of good options posted already, I personally am a fan of the 243. Bad back and post shooting pain, helps with that choice to a point. Recently, I wanted something new to play with and carry on the 4 wheeler or in the truck when running around on the farm. Found a Handi Rifle 30-30 at the shop that looked like fun, so far it has proved to be worthy. Can't go wrong with anything that's already been posted above, all good choice depending on your budget.
  10. robbbbb

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    sry to butt in just noticed no-one mentioned a leveraction 30-30, cheap, under 400 new, 150-300 used, light recoil, inexpensive ammo, $13 box @ wal-mart drilled and tapped for scope, perfect at the range or in the woods, just my humble opinion, robbbbb
  11. jpattersonnh

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    The rifles above are some good recommendations. If you are cruising the used racks at a shop, sometimes caliber is the key to a better price for the same model of rifle. There are allot of trade ins' in .257 Roberts lately, must be the short mag craze that is hitting up here. By far my favorite caliber and rifle combo is a Husqvarna 1600 in 6.5x55. There are U.S. made bolt guns that can be found in this caliber for much less then there standard caliber brothers, used that is. Cost of shooting is a real big factor to me, so I hand load, but I will buy loaded ammo if it works out cheaper, and sometimes it does. I ordered 2 boxes of 6.5x55 and 2, 8x57 because they were 12.95 shipped per box a couple of months ago. .65 a round purchased compared to .58 to .62 to hand roll. plus I got some new brass out of the deal.

    Surplus rifles can be hit or miss as far as real accuracy. A 91/30 is a great rifle, but 4" groups are the norm w/ military light ball ammo (147..150gr). When you jump up to heavy ball(179..182gr) the groups shrink, not so much because of the bullet weight, but because of the design and construction of the bullet. They also have a tendancy to shoot high. Commercail hunting ammo is more accurate, but also more expensive to purchase.
    The Swedish M96 or M38 are by far more refined and accurate as is the K31 Swiss. Both rifles will do exactly what you are looking for w/ the K31 being easier to scope w/ a St. Marie side mount. It requires no alterations to the rifle and you can still use iron sights by looking under the scope. I sold the scope and base for mine, the rifle is very accurate w/ irons alone. Power for the 7.5x55 cartridge is just below a .308/ 7.62x51.

    These guys have them for $219.00... Classic Arms Inc.
    Allan has 1 left for $300.00 Allan's Armory - Switzerland

    Allan also has No4MK1 rifles for $200.00+. Great rifles in .303 Brit.
    Allan's Armory - Great Britain and Colonial States
  12. Eric0424

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    No need to apologize for offering sound advice. :) The Marlin 336C in 30-30 is my favorite centerfire rifle for target shooting at the range or out in the woods. I can run through 60-100 rounds in a range visit without realizing it.