Rifle Basix Trigger Installation for Pre 64 Winchester Model 70

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    Just wanted to share the following installation facts for anyone putting a Rifle Basix Adjustable Trigger in a Pre-64 Winchester Model 70.
    Rifle Basix advises it is just a 'Drop In". But that is not totally true. Some modifications must be completed prior to installation. I agree other triggers require more modifications. The Rifle Basix probably requires the least.
    I installed one today and made the following modifications. After assembly of the Trigger itself. I set up the trigger as instructed and made my personal trigger weight adjustments and then installed it in the rifle's receiver. Set the trigger at 3.5 Lbs since that is what I like.
    Thinking everything was good and performing a safety check to assure proper sear engagement. Including a short drop test of about 3 inches on the but stock. I then attempted to install the action in the stock. But the Trigger Guard Trigger Opening was not wide enough to accommodate the new trigger and would not fit through the trigger guard opening. It required opening up the opening a total of 40 thousands which was equals to 20 thousands on a side.
    I then thought I was almost finished. But I was not! Finishing up and tightening down the stock and trigger guard screws I experienced another problem. When the stock screws were torqued down the bolt would not stay cocked and would go forward when the Bolt was shut. In addition the trigger then was hard to pull. Keep in mind it was working fine prior to installing the stock. The cause was the stock also needed some minor relief work to remove some very minor amount of wood in two areas.
    When it was tightened down the stock came into contact with the top of the sear adjustment screw causing a hard trigger pull. And also contact with the Pull Weight Adjustment Screw creating the same effect as the shooter pulling the trigger when I closed the bolt. I do like the trigger very well. Set it at 3.5 Lbs. as stated. And it works with the original Pre-64 Model 70 Winchester Safety which was important to me. So many others do not. Thought I would share this with the FTF. So if any of our fellow members is going to install a Rifle Basix Trigger in and Model 70 Winchester. They will know up front what to do and also how to correct any of the above situations.
    Glad I got the trigger but just was a little more work than I expected.

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    Heck that was almost a drop in. Not bad and thanks for sharing that with us.