Riffled choke tube or riffled slug?

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    I have a 870 super mag that i use to hunt everything(deer,coyote,bowling pins). Here in lower Michigan it is a shotgun only area. So my question is what would be better? A riffled choke tube or just a riffled slug through the smooth bore? I really dont want to spend the cash on a riffled barrel i have no problem bagging dear now. And also i should be using a improved cylinder choke for the riffled slugs?
  2. deathkricket

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    riffeld slug

    i use riffeled slugs in smoth bore, like u said if u have no prob nailing deer
    might as well save your money, i recomend useing brenneke black magic slugs
    they have both sabot and riffeled slugs, they are dam accurate and pack
    mad power, they are made for the 100 yard rage from a smooth bore and if u are a good shooter you could achive a 2in group, iv only seen them online
    then the other day i just happend to swing by a new gun store and to my suprise they carry them, i bought and fierd my fair share and i mst say i found my new hunting ammo. Brenneke Black Magic Magnum Slugs SL123BMM-1202726, 12 Gauge, 3 in, 1 3/8 oz, 3014 fps, 5 Rd/bx

    and ya you should use imp cyl for slugs

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    I've found the two work equally well out of my 1300. If the rifled slugs out of a smooth bore are working for you I say stick with it!
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    Shooting slugs

    I know shooting slugs from a rifle sighted cylinder bore are amazeingly accurate at 40yards if I do my part I can get them in a coffie mug size hole some days they clover leaf some they dont, its me not the gun.
    Ive never shot past 50yards useing slugs but from how tight they group they should hold up well out to 100yards if you have a scope or good sights.
    I hope you find the combination that works well for you!:)