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  1. EdwardH

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    I shoot an an indoor range and the last time I went, I was hit in the chest by a spent, but pretty much a full size slug. It hit hard enough to hurt a bit, but not enough to break the skin or leave a red spot. I've had very small pieces of spent shell land on my shooting stand or hit me a couple of times before, but nothing like this. Until this past March, I hadn't fired a weapon of any kind since I left Viet Nam in 1970, so basically I'm new to indoor shooting. I'm wondering if anyone out there has had a similar experience or might have any comments about mine. Thanks.

  2. Gordo323

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    I once found a unfired 12 Gauge shell while posting targets for my ,22, so I wedged it into a tree branch, shot at it and guess what I actually hit it and the empty shell hit me in the forehead.
    No damage done . Scared the crap out of me though!
    Go to the introductions thread and let us all know about yourself, I for one admire Veterans!

  3. c3shooter

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    While you should not get "bouncebacks" on a properly designed and maintained range, ca-ca happens. Which is why eye protection is a REAL good idea. Yes, I have been hit by fragments of jacket metal, etc. Yes, i wear glasses. BTW, Harbor Freight had plastic lens shooting glasses on sale for about $1.98 last week.
  4. dunerunner

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    When I was a kid (10 years old) my Dad took my sister and I shooting. He picked out a white object about 50 yards away and told me to hit it. I did, it was a piece of rock, the ricochet buzzed over our heads and Dad said; "OK, kids! It's time to go."
  5. crazycharlie2

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    There is only one indoor range in my area that I know of and you have to use (his) frangible ammo.
  6. deathkricket

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    About a month ago i went up to a gravel pitt to shoot and when i arrived there was a dish washer that had already been shot up so what better target right? the first round out my XD 9 sent a couple pieces of washer plastic right into my face that cut me up a bit and i was a good 10 to 15 yards away, does that count?
  7. amoroque

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    I was at an indoor range some time ago. The guy next to me, hit the target, then the back wall and the bullet ricochet hit the light above his head and broke the floursecent bulb.

    I was stunned.

    The really bad part was that the range charged him for the replacement bulb. I didnt think that was right, considering that he didnt do anything that was negligent.
  8. danf_fl

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    As RO in a competition, steel pepper poppers, a jacket bounced back and almost hit "the boys". Had me talking in a higher pitch for awhile, and caused a stage change
  9. billdeserthills

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    That is funny Guy!
    I remember learning just how important protective eyewear is when as a dumb kid I caught a ricochet in the corner of my eye whilst target shooting at an old engine block... No harm done, just one of many easy-going messages I have received in my years
  10. WVwheelgunner

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    This thread is why I get bent out of shape when morons at my range bring bowling trophies, ceramic coffee mugs and other hard object to use as targets.

    Never shoot at anything which can shoot back. :mad: Especially if you're sharing the range with me.

    A friend of mine shot an Uzi at a local indoor range many years ago. Several 9mm slugs came back at them after bouncing off the back wall.
  11. robocop10mm

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    I have been hit 13 times by ricochets. All were outdoor ranges and steel pepper poppers. 12 bullets caught by body armor. 1 broke the skin and ruined a brand new shirt with a hole and blood stains. I was able to self extract the bullet and finish the day. I looked pretty scary, though (scarier than usual).
  12. gorknoids

    gorknoids New Member

    I've taken a couple of pieces to the face and the neck, both easily large enough and with enough velocity to wreck an eyeball. First one was in the chin, and still hot enough to burn my fingers when I pulled it out, and the other went into the back of my neck while I was picking up a target. There are always bullet fragments at the firing line at the range where I shoot, and some are scary-big. Eye protection is an absolute must.
  13. EdwardH

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    I appreciate all the comments here. Until this past March, I hadn't touched a firearm since I returned from Viet Nam in 1970. So far, I've used the same indoor range when I shoot and I was wondering if ricochets were common (which I figured they were) or if the range I was using was sub-standard. Doesn't appear to be, so that's good to know. I wear eye protection, even over my regular glasses, but the stories here only reinforce the necessity of doing so. Good stuff, all.
  14. Ruzai

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    I learned the hard way not to shoot at hard targets. My father and I were test firing his .357 Magnum and I'd gotten him some UMC hollow points so I found a rusty old pipe to lean against a tree and shoot at. The first couple of times it went right through but before he ran out of all six shots dad started jumping and trying to keep from cursing like a sailor. Several of the fragments came back at us and got me in the arm one good time and two in his knee. Mine didnt draw blood but we had to pick his out before mom found out. :D
    Needless to say we all wear glasses now when we're shooting.
  15. Gatekeeper

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    I've taken quite a few frags from poppers since I started shooting uspsa a few months ago. Never when I was shooting, just standing waiting my turn or loading mags. Nothing hard enough to leave a mark(or make me talk funny:D), but it shows the importance of wearing safety glasses all the time.:cool: