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    Received my stock for a .220 Swift Mauser 98 project.

    After hearing horror stories about Richard's service and quality control, I figured what the heck, considering the price was right and they had the style I wanted, a Bench Mark style in "Black Widow laminate".

    I knew the lead time would be long so I placed the order about two months ago. I chose the 99% press fit. Stock showed up today. As expected, it needs a fair amount of attention on the exterior (starting with a rasp I suspect...). With baited breath I test fit the action and was very pleasantly surprised. It fit just slightly snug, with just enough "extra" to inlet things perfectly and glass bed. The barrel channel will need to be sanded out to fit, but again I expected that.

    If anyone was considering a Richard's and had some hesitation, I can say that at least I had a decent experience. A few words though: Place your order well in advance, save a copy of your credit card receipt with the charge to Richard's because they charge your card immediately. They don't send any kind of receipt either. If you try to call to check on the progress, they really have no way to tell where your order stands.

    I realize there are quite a few bad business practices present here, but it appears the quality has improved, and as far as final finishing goes I kinda enjoy that type of work. They have a HUGE selection of actions they cut for as well. And I'm not affiliated with them either.

    Oh, and in a pathetic plea, I am still looking for a 'smith to true up the action, and finish ream and install a short chambered barrel on a M98 action. Anyone interested?
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    I'm glad you like Richards. I like them pretty good but I usually make my own from blanks. They have excellent prices on fancy Claro Walnut blanks. I'm sure MasterPsmith or somebody is still in the business and can help you.

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    It has been many years since I bought a stock from Richards. But 20 years ago they were pleasant to deal with and had a good selection on hand. Are they still in CA?