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    I own one a RIA Goverment 70 series and love it very much it was actually my First 1911 then i bought a Colt Government Stainless. Then a Gold Cup i tell you i had the 1911 bug for a while especially this year. These 1911'S are a well kept secret for those who want a Affordable Clone of the M1911. Some guy in a 1911 forum said they used to be built on old Colt Machinery. That is a joke i am guessing But anyway.

    Any of you guys own one??? mine is just a Basic GI 70 series they also make a Tactical,Compact/Commander/Officer size.

    Have you guys had any feeding or ejecting issues??? I was having some issues in the begining until i polished up the feed ramp a little. Using some flitz and my dremel for less than 3 seconds. Are yours feeding Hollow Points fine???

    I just have the factory ACT Mag and a WIlson 47D Any other mags work Fine with the RIA 1911???

    If you got pics i would love to see em.
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    The number one issue with feeding HP ammo is the magazine. A "ball" magazine will not feed HP ammo reliably in the best of guns. A good magazine will fix more problems than all the work in the world.

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    Rock Island, I like me some Rock Islands. Please, let's have some visual fun.

    What fun stuff do I have...
    There's this:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5BtOVYC6Sc]LillyRIA.3GP - YouTube[/ame]

    Then there is this:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goD9R6tvpKM]RIA 8y/o rapid fire - YouTube[/ame]

    And there is this:

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    Just picked one up at the BX last week for 380$ it's a 9mm gov and a good friend of mine who just retired as one of Wilson combats machinists is givin it a make over for me. I'll post an after pic when he's done :)

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