rhoner sm 11

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    Hey guys Im new to this forum and was wondring if you could help me out? I love to tinker with guns working and not... I recently acquired a Rhoner sm 11 from a buddy that didnt fire.. After I disassembled it and got to looking I figured out what was wrong.. when u pull the slide back the firing pin is supposed to lock back, but the part that is supposed to hold it back is missing.. any help in finding this part would be a great help.. this a simple designed gun and i think it wub be a fun little gun to use... thanks for the help in advance..
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    its basically the german version of the raven .25acp. your almost certainly not going to find parts as they were designed to be thrown away if they broke. some gunsmiths can fabricate small parts. thats probably the only way other than to locate another non shooting sample and scavange the part.

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    These look like the US made Raven MP-25's. You might look at a parts schematic for the Raven at gunpartscorp to see if a part can possibly be modified to fit.