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    Just went by the pawn shop last weekend and saw an RG d/s action 6 shot snub. The finish is a little worn, but the mechanics are still in really good shape. The owner of the store knows me pretty good and let me take the grips and side panel off of it. It was badly gummed up, it looked like some moron used axle grease. But after checking it out, I went ahead and brought it home for $80. Yeah I know. Cheap aint a good thing, but what can I say, you know how those instinct buys are. Well with it being a wheel gun it doesn't bother me too bad. Of course you know a semi auto that cheap would scare the . . . out of me. Okay, I've blabbed enough. My question is this... Who is/was RG? What quality is this thing? Did I screw up? Are they any count? Do they have any infamous issues?

    Hope to post pics soon.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I think the RG was actually made in Germany, heh heh. Numrich Gun Parts sometimes has parts for them. Might wanna shoot it left handed (if you are a righty):D

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    RG stands for Rohm something or other as I remember. I shot one that belonged to a friend about 25 years ago. It went bang but was not very accurate. I decided I didn't need one. I believe two of these were used by John Hinkley in his famous attempt to impress Jodi Foster.
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    Not certain, but I think RG was Rhinemetall Gemeinschaft- AKA ROHM. Due to extemely low quality pot metal frames and sizes, most were blocked from importation when the 1968 Gun Control Act kicked in.

    When I am trying very hard not to hurt someones feelings, I refer to them as low value firearms of indifferent quality. They are not durable nor reliable. Would be a good gun for the bottom of a fishing tackle box, loaded with shot loads (for snakes).
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    For 10 years I had my own firearms training business. People came to me for training and qualification for concealed carry permits in our State. I never had a student with an RG make it through the class.

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    I've had a couple. One revolver a 22T and a RG25 semi. Both had their issues mainly due to poor metal and not a lot of time taken in fitting. The semi I had a few parts made for it by a tool maker friend of mine to make it work some better. The 22 revolver the timing fell off to the point that it started getting a little painful to shoot. For the life of me I can't figure out what happened to the 25 but the 22 went out in a trade.

    They do make for OK truck guns or tackle box weapons. When it comes to RG stuff you are pretty much getting what you paid for. But they never where built to be much more than what most people use them for now. They did get some Sat. Night Spl. fame in the 70's-80's though among a few other not so top shelf weapons.

    80 bucks is a little high to me for a RG. But if it shoots it shoots. And st the end of the day that's all that matters. I'd take an RG over some others though. Clean it up and see how it groups. You can always sell it off if you don't like it. Cheap they might be but they always seem to sell pretty fast.
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    Back when I was a much younger man, and I mean MUCH younger, I wanted an RG 22 in the worst way. RG offered the one feature that I desperately needed in a handgun.

    They were cheap. About $29.95 if I remember correctly.

    I remember seeing them in the case at the local GEM store, right next to the Smith & Wesson Model 28 "Highway Patrolman" in the walnut presentation case. The Model 28 had a price tag that said, IIRC $129.00. :eek: It might as well have been a million.

    But $29.95. Well I could at least dream of being able to scratch together that much. I never did. I was so broke back in those days, I wouldn't even ask to see it, just looked through the glass case. A Raven 25 auto was the other "in my price range" gun. ;)

    Not too long ago, I saw a like new condition RG at my favorite gun shop. I have no idea why it was there, they normally don't carry that kind of gun. It really wasn't THAT bad. The D/A trigger pull surprised me. It was better than a Nagant revolver I've got (but what isn't?). The S/A oddly enough was AWFUL. I literally could not pull the trigger in S/A mode. I thought it was broken.

    I think they wanted something like $80.00 for it. I thought about offering $29.95 to see if they'd take it to get it out of the store. :D
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