RFID chip implanted into man gets computer virus!

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    The video is from BBC. A researcher actually has an implanted chip under his skin for his work environment. It is not just the chip; but, what can happen to the chip if gets a computer virus.

    What the video.

    BBC News - RFID chip implanted into man gets computer virus

    Researchers have found that implanted identity chips can pick up computer viruses.

    Reading University’s Mark Gasson conducted an experiment to show how radio frequency identity (RFID) chips could become electronically infected.

    He explained to Rory Cellan-Jones the risks involved with the new technology including its effects on medical implants such as pacemakers.
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    If you believe that with a dalek sitting in the shot. You are dumber than I thought.

    RFID chips are passive they don't do anything that idiot said they do. They simply store a small bit of information like a number and when they are scanned IE hit with radio frequency it returns with the number. They do not calculate anything nor do they act like mini computers. So they can't get a virus a virus code is much to large to reside on them.

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    But, Alex Jones said there is a secret government program to implant such chips in all new born babies (before the cord is tied off so you will not detect an incision) and others when they get surgery.:rolleyes:
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    Ya See!!! :D

    Big C, come one man. The REAL news is important, this stuff isn't.
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    BBC was your first clue