Rexio 45/410

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by bernielink, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. bernielink

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    Hi Friends, Have been looking at a Rexio 45/410 pistol. Have never heard of this brand, anyone have thoughts and advise for me? And does shooting the 410 through a 45 barrel hurt the rifilling? Thanks, Bernie
  2. kenhesr

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    Hey bernie! I've never owned or shot one, but I have seen them at the gunshows. For the price I always kinda wanted to try one in .410, guess I just never got around to it. REXIO | Fábrica de armas

    I do have the Taurus Judge. It's had over 500 rds of lead shot run thru it with no damage. The riflings and short bbl do sort of screw up the shot pattern with regular shot. I only get a fraction of the effective range with it compared to a .410 shotgun but it is real handy to carry in the farm tractor.

    If you decide to pick one up, let us know how you like it. Ken