Revolver vs Auto?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Gonecountry, May 31, 2007.

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    I went to the indoor range with the intention of comparing the accuracy of the following guns to my Glock 22 at 25 yards. I shoot the Glock all the time. I shot the following revolvers

    6" GP100
    4" GP100
    6.5" S&W Classic .44 mag
    7.5" Ruger Super Redhawk
    Glock 22

    I shot all of the guns the same. At 25 yards, I put most of the rounds in a 6" circle. I expected the 6" revolvers to be the best and the Glock to be the worst. But, this was not the case. There was absolutely no difference in my groups. In the past, I had shot the 6" revolvers better. But, I am starting to think that was just a fluke.

    In your opinion, does revolver vs. auto or barrel length make a distance? Or do they all shoot just about the same?
  2. Sambo

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    I find that as long as i practice good trigger control, i shoot fairly similar every time... but that just me. I used to tend to anticipate the shot more when i picked up a higher caliber weapon.

  3. Gearguy10

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    In theory the revolver with a 6" barrel should be more accurate than a semi-auto with a shorter barrel, say 4" to 5". Less moving parts. However, with the tight tolerances and precision manufacturing of some of these new semi's it doesn't surprise me that your results were similar.
  4. marmac

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    I have found that the most important thing that will affect your accuracy is the aim!! Now that is elementary, but it seems that a revolver, being slower to fire, will cause more people to take their time and aim properly. An auto handgun will usually cause people to just shoot faster and their accuracy will drop.

    I have both and I have fired equally when I take the time at 25 yards. With my revolver, I am a little more accurate cocking my revolver each time as opposed to using it double action. I think that is due to the shorter pull of the trigger as opposed to double action.

    In a matter of personal protection, speed will not make much difference in your aim but a couple of inches, so you will probably be okay with an automatic. If you fire and hit the target the first shot and this miss it the next xxxx times, you are probably better off with the "wheel gun"! :eek: The whole point is to HIT THE TARGET!!