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revolver timing problems

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I have a Arminus 22 lr/mag revolver that has timing problems with both cylinders It shoots low and to the left 2X2 inches at 15 feet and shaves bullets.
The problem of shaving is less with shorts--probably the shorter byllet can squeeze theough the forcing cone better.
Is there a way to correct this problem without costing a fortune?

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Please don't take offense,it's not my intention to offend you.The Arminus are very cheaply made guns. In all honesty I wouldn't put a penny into it to have it repaired. Count it as a loss and move on. I don't know if these are even made today and getting parts could be very hard. Paying a Smith would cost more then the gun is worth.
Many years ago I worked at a gun shop for awhile. I saw plenty of these Arminus and RG's.Lord forgive me for this.They were all junk guns.I definitely wouldn't shoot it being out of timing.
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