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    What kind of handgun do you carry, semi-auto or revolver? Which one would have more of an advantage?
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    I own several of each and I carry both, but primarily a S&W 457, .45acp. I prefer a semi-automatic pistol because as a police officer, that is what I carried the last half of my 30 year career. I prefer the S&W da/sa action because that is what I've trained with. I own, but rarely carry a Springfield 1911a1. No matter how much I practice, I'm afraid in a sudden self defense situation, I may fumble with the thumb safety. I trust the pistol, I just don't trust my fine muscle memory well enough.

    Depending on weather, social circumstances, location, clothing, and various other changing conditions, I will carry one of my two 2" revolvers. One a .38spl, the other a .357mag., both from Taurus.

    The advantage for me in carrying a semi-auto, is concealability, cartridge power, fire power and quick reload

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    That pretty much sums it up. I carry autoloaders exclusively, most often, some variant of the 1911. On occasion, I carry a CZ75 compact which I like because I can carry it cocked 'n' locked just like a 1911.