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I have a 22 caliber revolver manufactured by Kimel Industries in a western style with a long barrel; can anyone tell me about this handgun?

There was a family of companies in the '70s and '80s outside of Charlotte, NC, that used to manufacture, distribute, and sell guns that they either made or subcontracted for manufacture. The companies were owned./operated by persons who were related. Kimel Industries was one of those companies, and it was best known for its AP-9, a 9mm Para high-capacity handgun very similar to the Tec-9, and the AR-9, the carbine version. The AP-9 and AR-9 ended up on about every gun ban list in the USA.

IIRC, they made a gun called the Western Six, which was made primarily of aluminum and sintered steel. Sold at a low price point, they were not known for either quality or durability. My next door neighbor bought one in the early '90s in a pawn shop for $45. He had a hard time removing the spent shells from the cylinder. The timing of the cylinder was very poor also; if you were standing to the side of the gun while it was fired, you would be splattered with shaved lead.

Based on my experience, I would recommend that you make it a wall hanger. I have not checked any collector sources, but I have never seen a gun of sintered construction become a collector's item.

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