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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by S3th, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. S3th

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    Is there anything that you can hunt with a revolver? Does anyone go deer hunting with one?
  2. 1984cj

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    You can hunt pretty much anything with a revolver of the correct caliber.
    Providing it is legal in your hunting area.
    Small Game with a .22
    Med Game with a .357 (Maybe good enough for small whitetail Deer with good shot placement)
    Large game .44 and up. (Deer, Bear Etc.)
    I have hunted with a .44 Mag with a 7.5" barrel before but it limits MY (not everyones) shots to under 50 yards.
    I prefer a rifle or carbine. I am ok with a pistol. not great but just ok. I am pretty good with a long arm and as such prefer them.

  3. robocop10mm

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    I took a 400 pound hog with a .44 mag. 300 grain sierra sp 1250 fps out of a 7.5" Super Blackhawk. Entry just under chin, exit hip about 2" from AH. Dropped him like a sack of excrement. Don't try that out of a Smith. Won't stand up to the pounding of a load like that.
  4. Catfish

    Catfish Member

    I really forget how many deer I`ve taken with a .44 mag. revolver, but enough to fill several freezers. I`ve taken 4 deer in the last 3 years with an Encore handgun in .357 max.
  5. rickrem700

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    pistol hunting

    I don't get to do alot of pistol hunting as I prefer a rifle, hands down, but I have gone a couple dozen times in the last 5-6 years, I have all the latest and greatest big bore stuff, I am working on filling the gap in the small bore part of my pistole collection, To answer your question, can you hunt with a pistol, absolutly, My what I deam hunting pistols are all scoped and very accurate, I have killed more paper than anything but with out a doubt could take any kind of game with no problem, I have a Smith& Wesson .460 that they claim will reach out 200 yards, but I have only shot 100 yards with it and punched a 4 inch 5 shot group with it, so I know it will do it, and with a little practice tighten up that group
  6. stalkingbear

    stalkingbear Well-Known Member

    A better question should be what CAN'T you hunt with a revolver-especially with .454 casull,.460 S&W,.500 S&W on market. I havn't seen anything yet that my .454 casull won't put down quickly.
  7. Loco40

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    I have killed deer with a Black hawk in .44 mag. I use a 240 gr XTP at max loading. It will kill a deer as good as anything but....I consider it similar to bow hunting. I must be within 50 yards and place the bullet through the lungs broadside. With a scope I can hit a 3" group at 100 yards but thats from a bench not through the forest! I will take a front shoulder shot on a deer quartering towards me with a 12 gauge slug or a good rifle load but I do not trust the .44 mag to perform like that. A 300 grain hard cast bullet will probably make the quartering shot work. My 240 grain XTP did not and I will never try that again! A 454 casull or one of the newer boomers like .460 or 500 smith would be much better.
  8. Chuck

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    Ohio requires a handgun of .357 magnum or larger for deer. I live in Georgia now but haven't hunted here yet.
  9. New Member


    I like to carry a Ruger 7 1/2 inch Super Blackhawk .44 mag in a shoulder holster as a backup, but the eyes are not what they used to be, so beyond 50 yards or so, I am not comfortable anymore with open sights.

    I have thought of scoping it, but don't want to ruin the handling qualities of the gun. Dan
  10. Catfish

    Catfish Member

    I agree with you about putting a scope on the gun you have. BUT Ruger now has a Black Hawk Hunter with scope mounts on it, sounds like a good excuse to buy a new gun to me. ;)
  11. scoutman

    scoutman Guest

    That's the beauty of a good six gun. Does just as well takin out desperado's as it does deer. I carry a Ruger Flattop in .44 special whenever I'm in the woods. It's not my primary method of hunting, but it has put more than a few deer in the freezer, not to mention turkeys and grouse.
  12. huntintoo

    huntintoo New Member

    I've killed Deer with .357 Mag, .44 mag, 10mm and 454 casull.
    Most impressive is the 454 on a Bear and a Wild European Hog! Puts a smiley on my face.
  13. Ruger Redhawk

    Ruger Redhawk New Member

    I usually carry a Ruger Redhawk 44mag as a sidearm.I've finished a deer off with it but never actually shot one with it.One morning I left it at camp,I just didn't feel like lugging it around.I get in my climber,not 10 yards away a nice buck walks up to my front right.Would have been a perfect shot with the Redhawk and dummie me I leave it in camp.That won't happen again.
  14. h&k bigdaddydieseldan

    h&k bigdaddydieseldan New Member


    I couldn't agree with you more .454 casull,.460 s&w,500 s&w and you also have the oldie but goodie .44 mag the original big banger :cool: :cool: :D :D
  15. 97powerstroke

    97powerstroke New Member

    Been hunting deer with a 41 Mag for years. I really like this round.
  16. J_B

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    Will be using my S&W 629 6"

    You can hunt

    Black Bear
    Antelope (if you can get close enough)

    Yep, you can hunt most anything with a .44 Magnum in single action or double action of even single shot like a T/C Encore.
  17. john_101

    john_101 New Member

    i dont think so..but the most amazing is to huntin any animal with a 12 gauge pump action big animals like deers and wild pigs(they are difficult to find em and they need at least 4 shots at body to die) beaucse the small goin get mashed
  18. Missouri_1

    Missouri_1 New Member

    One of the fun things to do is go squirrel hunting with a .22 pistol. It is more of a challenge and improves your stalking skills.
  19. Harley_Guy

    Harley_Guy New Member

    Never went out purposely with a pistol, but always carry one with me when I hunt. Used to be my Ruger Blackhawk 22 mag, now it’s my S&W J frame 38. Did put a mighty big boar down with the 38, but that was an OMG shoot it or fight it. Wasn’t out hunting that day, but like American Express, I never leave home with it.
  20. ARhillbilly

    ARhillbilly New Member

    I take Whitetail every year with a SS Ruger Super Blackhawk in .44 mag. I have a non-magnifying "red dot" type sight (OneV) mounted on it. I've had this setup for quire some time and I'm not sure the OneV is still manufactured. It is an adjustable brightness red dot 'reflex' type.

    The nice thing about the OneV is the lack of parallax. Where the red dot is, the impact is. I don't unload on game over 100 yards without a rest. I have taken most of my venison at ranges under 50 yards. Some running, most standing.

    The older I get the more hesitant I am to drop the hammer on anything. I'm at the point now that killing a deer is just making a job for myself. The biggest part of hunting is now the simple and quiet joy of interacting with nature.

    Actually that's mostly BS - I like making the one-shot kills with the .44 and the beanfield/pipeline shots with the 7mm STW. Especially since I'm using loads I worked up myself. I just mark the location and call one of the younger guys in camp to come 'help'. :D

    And yes, communing with nature is still a rewarding part of the experience. But so is making that 40 acre shot!