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Personally, I would get a Smith and Wesson M-66 4". It is relatively light weight, robust and accurate. You can find good used ones on the market (alot of police trade ins) check with KY imports (KY as in kentucky not the personal lubricant).

It will shoot .357 mags but not meant for a steady diet of the hot stuff.

If you want the creme of the Smith crop look at the 686 or 586 if you like non stainless steel. It will handle anythinig you feed it and not wear out.

Both will shoot very well with light .38 loads.

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There are a lot of choices. Get something that fits your hand and that will not slip position when fired. Adjustable sights are nice. I like 38 Special but a nice 22RF is a treat to shoot. The 32SW long is also easy on recoil an quick to get back on target. Most of my shooting is in single action so that opens a lot more revolvers for you.

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