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    What is the most bullets that a chamber of a revolver can hold? Typically I think there are 6 bullets but could a chamber have 12 bullets and load two at a time if a pistol had two barrels or just use smaller bullets or have a horribly oversized chamber like a supervillain?
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    Most revolvers have 5 or 6 chambers, but some have as many as 7 or 8. It depends upon the maker of the gun, the caliber, etc.

    I don't know what a "supervillain" is, but it sounds like something from a movie or video game.

    Cryptic, you need to forget about everything you've ever seen about guns in movies and games, because they are wrong 99% of the time. May I recommend you sign up for a basic firearms class at a local range, gun club, or gun shop?

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    sounds like a video game, but...

    There can only be one round per chamber no matter what the weapon. Each round may have more than one projectile, like a shotgun, but it will still be using a single chamber. Small .22 caliber revolvers can have up to nine rounds/cartridges and some .357's have up to eight, each in its own chamber with each chamber lining up with the barrel as the hammer is cocked. Each round must be surrounded by its chamber to prevent the cartridge from rupturing/exploding when it is fired.
    What you describe would have to have mulitiple cylinders, multiple barrels and multiple firing mechanisms controlled by a single trigger. There is no such thing.