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  1. SHOOTER13

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    Just curious to see if anyone here conceal carries a revolver, and in what caliber, and what configuration ( ie...snubnose, 3", 4" ).

    I was doing some routine inspection of my collection, and adding new info to my firearm database when my female lab came up and signaled she wanted to go for a walk. As usual, I made sure I had my LTCF permit and then decided that I would strap on my S&W M629 4" revolver, which was lying in the open case in front of me...

    I have a nice Galco leather IWB holster for I loaded six .44magnum Black Talons in and me, the dog, and my Smith took a stroll. It was a different experience...a little heavier than my usual carry piece, but also quite comfortable in that rig. Haven't carried a revolver for a very long time.

    Here's a pic:

  2. Scrapper

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    In the summer I carry a 2" Taurus .357. The rest of the year I carry a 4" 7-shot .357 in a shoulder rig.

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Like .357's

    Yea, I like .357's's a 3" bull barrel S&W M13 in .357mag that I used to carry when all I had were large frame 45's that were not so easy to hide in the summer...

    [​IMG] that Tommy gun you're holding in your avatar, yours ?!
  4. Franciscomv

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    My S&W 640 used to be my most carried gun, up until it was stolen last week when some SOB's broke into my store.

    The 686 next to it is my winter/outdoors carry as well as my home defense gun.

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  5. ladyM

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    Glad to see an article about revolver CCW. Every time I brought up revolver conversation,it was as though I had committed a social faux pas.
    I intend to qualify with a S&W 60 (.357) as well as my Glock 19 here in Nevada when April arrives and I attend the CCW class.
    Everyone I talk to regarding the class has one very basic question; "Why would you want to carry a revolver?" I answer that question by stating that
    a revolver has never failed to go BANG when I pulled the trigger. Every semi-auto I have observed at the gun range,has at one time or another,required
    an excuse for its failure to fire !
    My intent,should I ever find a need to use my concealed weapon,is for it to go BANG without any BS about why it didn't !
    Thanks for the confirmation of a revolver being a legitimate and current
    selection for CCW-----------------
    BTW..... Each state has its own designation for concealed carry.
    CCW---here in Nevada are the initials for Carry Concealed Weapons.
  6. propex

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    I carry a Model 24 with a 3" barrel lots of time. This is an N frame Smith and have no problem with it. I must add in the heat of summer I drop down to something a wee bit smaller :D
  7. Biohazurd

    Biohazurd New Member

    I carry a Ruger Sp101 .357 as a back up to my G21C. i would trust it with my life..
  8. dogwalk

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    Nice revolver. I always feel comfortable with my 44 Mag on my hip. Have a Mod. 29 Classic 5" blue and a Ruger Redhawk 51/2 blue but may trade the Ruger for a short barrel S&W 29 like I once had. However, most of the time I carry either my Sig, 1911 or a subby 38. Enjoy them all, Dogwalk.
  9. Lefty

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    I've carried my snubnose before, but it's never comfortable. If I'm going to keep my jacket on (I live in Minnesota, so that's 6 or 7 months out of the year), I can cover it, but I'd much rather carry a pocket auto. I can clear a jam in less than a second, so I don't worry about misfires. In a defensive situation, you probably won't ever fire a shot anyway, so don't lose sleep over it.

    My revolver stays by the bedside because I could use it in the dark while half-asleep.

    Hey, Francis, I hope you only put your guns and your liquor together for the photo. Liquor is one of the most stolen items in burglaries. If they get your liquor and your guns, it's going to get ugly. Nice Scotch collection, by the way.
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  10. gwHawker

    gwHawker New Member

    Taurus Ultra-lite 38sp in a pocket holster, but I just got a Ruger LCR so it will go in the pocket and the Taurus in a Fobus paddle holster in the winter.
  11. keymastr5912

    keymastr5912 New Member

    S&W 66, 2 1/2" .357 in upside down shoulder holster. carried it that way for years.
  12. DKA

    DKA New Member

    Carry Dan Wesson .357 with 6" Barrel under my arm rest, right beside me all of the time.
  13. RL357Mag

    RL357Mag New Member

    Carry a Rossi 4"stainless vent-rib-compensated in an Uncle Mikes vertical shoulder rig when the temperature permits.