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  1. Hightide

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    I'm considering carrying a snub nose. Specifically, a Colt Detective Special. 6 round capacity. However, do you folks who carry revolvers leave an empty chamber under the hammer or load them all up?
    I know Single Action shooters always leave the chamber under the hammer empty for safety. However, I didn't know if there is any danger of a Double Action revolver discharging when dropped.
  2. Gh0zt36

    Gh0zt36 Active Member

    Hammer down I've never heard of a revolver discharging before. And I would never carry a revolver condition zero.

    This is my daily driver . Chart pitbull .40S&W 5rd

    I always keep it fully loaded . hammer down . Which is no prob because it is SA/DA . And yes that is black crayon in the engraving :cool:

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  3. eldarbeast

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    I carry a Charter Arms 5-shot .38 Special with all chambers loaded. With only 5-shots, I can't afford to have any empty chambers. I also carry 2 speed loaders.

  4. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Present day double action revolvers (made since about 1920 in fact) are safe to carry with a round under the hammer.

    Try this- with an UNLOADED gun. Hold the revolver at eye level, so you are looking at the left side. See the gap between the recoil shield and the back of the cylinder? Cock the revolver, pull and hold the trigger. See the firing pin protrude?

    Now, release the trigger. Firing pin retracts, right? Now, without pulling the trigger, push on the hammer with thumb. Harder. I said HARDER, man! Does not move, does it?

    The design either blocks the hammer, or in the case of a transfer bar system, shields the firing pin. It would take over around 5000 pounds of force to make that firing pin protrude.

    The original Colt Single Actions, and the old style Ruger Single Actions were meant to rest on an empty chamber. TOTALLY different design. My EDC is a S&W mdl 36 in a pocket holster. Have had it since about mid 70s, no worries.
  5. gunsmoke11

    gunsmoke11 New Member

    The Colt DS is a perfect choice. I carried mine for almost 20 years under the worse possible conditions. I still use it off and on since the late 1960's with complete confidence. It really is a fine revolver, but don't use +P ammo.
  6. Colby

    Colby New Member

    Not entirely true. Most modern - but modern from more recent years.
    My Ruger Single Six from 1971 is on recall list from Ruger to install a transfer bar type safety mechanism to avoid accidental hammer strike discharges.

    Have not had the work done. The original condition seems to be more collector desirable.

    OP should check on the gun he is considering.
  7. John_Deer

    John_Deer New Member

    Both of my double action snubbies are safe to carry with a round under the hammer. I would bet you can strike my SP101 with a hammer and it will not fire. My new model SA hunting pistols are just as safe.
  8. Doc3402

    Doc3402 New Member

    c3shooter is correct. The statement was:

    Your Ruger Single Six is not a double action revolver.
  9. Donn

    Donn Active Member

    Great find HT. I'd love to have a DS. I'd sacrifice the +P capability of my current snubby for an extra round and larger grips just like that, (sound of fingers snapping).
  10. mcb

    mcb New Member

    C3 is correct. He referenced Colt SAA and older Ruger Single Actions. Rugers single actions made before 1973 (Old Models) were not safe to carry with the hammer on the chamber. New Model Ruger single actions use a transfer bar system to make them safe.

    Ruger will convert Old Models free of charge. This may impact collector value and IMO the NM and conerted OMs do not shoot as well
  11. levelcross

    levelcross New Member

    c3 is right from everything I have heard or read. I have carried a SP 101 with all 5 rounds for worries mate.
  12. MoreAltitude

    MoreAltitude New Member

    To add: I have an early old model single six. Standard practice before the transfer bar was a 5 round load, hammer on empty cylinder. Once my kids got involved in shooting I opted to send it in to Ruger for plain old safety reasons. It was a win-win for me, true to their word I got my pistol back with with the old parts, I could change her back at anytime I please. I will say the trigger isn't as crisp and is heavier than before, but given its role as fun plinker and teaching platform that I've chose to use it for over the years, safety trumped trigger feel for piece of mind with the youngsters...
  13. Chase127

    Chase127 New Member

    Back in the day when my dad was first carrying he carried a .357 6 shot revolver but in more modern times he seems to agree with my choice of a semi-auto with. A 16 rd highcap mag when my dad first started carrying a gun in the 70's and 80's the potential enemy in question was basically just a man but since the mid 90's 1 or 2 shots just won't put some fool strung out on meth on the can take upto 4 shots and if there is more than 1 oponent and all you have is a 6 shot snubby you could be seriously hurt in spite of having already put a couple rounds into said meth addict
  14. The Man

    The Man New Member

    I use my .38 Taurus Mdl 85 fully loaded. I also do the same with my S&W Mdl 10-6
    .38 I've carried them for many years. No problem.
  15. Hightide

    Hightide New Member

    Thanks for the input guys. Sounds like my Colt is good to go on full!