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I'll try one more time. The $350 you guessed would be a good price and a fair one if the gun was in exc condition and being bought privately. A gun store would probably want over $400. No one can give you an exact price, especially when not examining it in person. Pics don't even come close to a personal examination. We're talking 50, or 75 bucks, or even 100, which is peanuts.

It's supply and demand that effects prices. That revolver is a well made gun, but is far from rare and I'm sure if you check out prices on the internet they'll probably depending on condition sell for $250 to $500, depending as well on where it's being sold and who's doing the selling. You can put any price on it and hope some sucker shows up and buys it. It also depends on how badly someone wants it and what someone is willing to pay. The price on your shotgun seems very reasonable, but I don't know it's condition and it may be overpriced. In exc+ cond your shotgun normally would be in the $1300 range, but that's dealer price. So privately people would expect to pay less and any extras you throw in sweetens the pot. If you tried to sell your gun to a gun shop I think you'd be very disappointed in what they would offer you.

I've been selling guns for over 40 years, so I'm sorry if I haven't helped you enough. Maybe someone else can me more exact. Take care.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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