Review six SIG .380's

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by Jeepix, May 9, 2010.

  1. Jeepix

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    Good article on Sig's P238 series pistols. These are great for Conceal Carry. This might be of interest to anyone considering a CCW firearm now or in the near future. The article goes over the pros of each version to help you choose.

    Six Pack of Sigs
  2. Freedom-1911

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    Tried a Sig 380 at the range about a month ago. For such a small caliber and a big gun it kicked like a stinkin mule.

    My little Diamondback DB380 may not hold as many rounds, but the recoil on a pistol less than half the size and probably weight of the sig I shot is much better.

    Sig may make a good 9mm and up. But from what I shot. They can keep their 380s

  3. NGIB

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    All blowback .380s are snappy to shoot so I imagine you shot a P232. The Sig P238 is a locked breech design and shoots very differently from the P232. BTW, no .380 "kicks like a mule" unless you're a very small mule...
  4. Missileman

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    I think the issue with .380 recoil is; #1 the blowback design of most of the pistols, and #2; it has a recoil which I would categorize as being similar to the way a 40S&W feels, not that strong but a similar "snappiness" to it that many find uncomfortable. Funny, but my Browning BDA with a wide, comfortable grip feels worse shooting than my Bersa single stack with a narrow grip--instincts would tell me the BDA should feel much better with its hand-filling grip. It might have something to do with a little arthritis, but the first few shots with my BDA are usually a little painful...
  5. UnderFire

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    I think it's pretty cool that SIG SAUER offers to different models for the .380 caliber. It's a big plus that Sig's P238 has 6 different versions giving a wide variety for the consumer to choose from.
  6. willfully armed

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    The sig p238 is the FINEST .380 on the market. WAY easier to handle than the DB380.

    AND, i get them for only $409.