review of ruger M-30/20GBCPC

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    what do yall think about this new mini in the 762+39 ? is it dependable/accurate ?and what would be the going price just got email form ruger an realy like the gun from what ive seen so far .except there price inless i looked wrong
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    If your talking about the new mini 30 tactical, I like it very much. If the barrel has been updated and heavier, I'll be taking one home with me when they are available.

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    The only big problem seems to be breaking firing pins, especially when using mil surp ammo with hard primers.

    It has become a pretty big issue. The problem seems not to be as bad using good commercial ammo.

    If it were me, I'd stick with the mini 14 and buy a rifle that shoots .308 ammo since the ammo cost for commercial ammo is less for the .308.

    I'd love to have a mini 30, but will not buy one due to the FP problem.

    In my opinion, Ruger needs to redesign the bolt and FP on both models because the mini 14 has similar problems just not as bad.

    I really love my mini's but sure would like to see ruger make some changes, I really have some concerns about their QC program.

    I will admit that I have upset some people who think that Ruger can do no wrong. I'm a retired gunsmith and have really tried to get ruger to do something about these types of problems and have done a lot of research into the probems and ruger has no interest in fixing them. I had 5 things wrong with the new Tactical I bought and it would not even eject right out of the box, so I do have some real issues with Ruger. I'm not going to go on about these. I have fixed my Mini and really like it, but I fixed it myself, I will however never buy another ruger product, but that's just me.

    If the FP breaks, the rifle has to go back to ruger to be fixed and ruger will remove a trigger job or any other mods done by you. If you rebarrel it, they won't even touch it.

    There is a replacemant FP made, but it's junk and usually breaks within 500 rounds.

    I have spoken with the head engineer at ruger and he does not seem to care because their policy is to only use factory ammo, not the cheaper mil surp which is one of reasons people buy mini 30.

    So buy one if you really want one, just be aware of the possible problems.

    The mini 30 was originally designed to be a .308, but they had problems with it in .308 and chambered it in the 7.62 X 39 so they would not have to eat all the parts made for the .308 and the rifle had demand, so they still make it.

    Because my mini is highly modified, I won't send it to ruger because they put it back to stock everytime due to their policys.

    I don't mean to bad mouth the 30, but do be aware of the consiquences if you buy one.

    This is my opinion based on the many Rugers I have seen, posts I have read and conversations with Ruger employees.

    I have tried to get Ruger to see the light and really fix some things with zero success, so I've given up. I just shoot my Mini 14's and enjoy them. I have bought a Kel Tec as a back up since I have a lot of 5.56 ammo and if my mini's go south, I still have a very reliable and accurate rifle.

    I'm not going to comment much more about problems. I just am going to enjoy my firearms, many of which are not Rugers and enjoy life. The fight is just not worth it.

    My goal will just be to tyr and help those with problems and reccomend fixes and accessories that I know work from experience.
    I want nothing more than for people to enjoy their weapons and for them to be the best they can be.

    John K
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    Contact Ruger CEO

    rifleman55; Sir, information is why I visit many firearm sites. Good clear information.
    Your thoughts are clear. Disappointed, I am. Ruger happens to be my disease, my wanting several other ?models? haha

    For those with concerns, idea's, thoughts.

    Contact Ruger; Ruger - Tell the CEO

    share your concern. Be positive; as always; follow up.
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    Would it help to case harden the firing pin ?

    Do you have any dimensions for the firing pins ? My shop makes lots of gun parts for Midway and Brownell's and if it might be profitable, I think the boss would consider setting up and running some firing pins.
  6. rifleman55

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    I don't have the dimentions, but you could get them by finding someone who has a mini 30 and a Mini 14 as the FP have slight differences.
    The tail on the FP is important.
    The way they are made, there are two tapers, one on the back third and one at the front of the FP. The middle of the FP has half of the metal cut away.
    You only need a slot for the extractor pin to go through, so a solid pin with a slot would be stronger.

    I pretty much know why they are breaking. When the FP hits a hard primer, the FP flexes in the middle and something has to give and it's the tip of the FP.

    I mentioned the two tapers,, the FP stops on the back taper, not the front one. It might be better if it stopped on the front taper because then there would be no sideways flexing in the FP.
    The other problem is that the tapers in the bolt are cut sloppy and only about 20% of the rear taper makes contact with the taper cut on the FP.

    The stock pins punch very hard at the tip and get softer towards the back also. I'm not sure if case hardening would help. It's the flex of the fp in the middle that is snapping the tips which are burried into the primer.

    If you get one to look at, you can see the problems with the pin. maybe making it a solid round pin with just a slot for the extractor pin to go through would work.
    I've got a good machinest with excellent CNC machines down here, but he is afraid he would not make money.
    Just about everyone I know would buy one or two just so they didn't have to have the gun sent back to ruger. I think they would sell very well, but it will need to be redesigned. The Ruger FP's are cast and most likely induction hardened.

    They do need to be fitted by someone who knows what they are doing also.
    The tail cams the FP back and also serves as a safety devise to keep the hammer from hiting the fp if you let go of the handle before the gun is cocked.

    It would be a doable project if you took the time to really loook at it, see what I'm saying and then figure out a design that would not flex and break the tip.

    Ruger really needs to re design the bolt and FP.

    get ahold of a mini and look at the design. Then let me know what you think.
    If you have a EDM machine and could make precision trigger group parts, they would sell also. The trigger parts and FP's are restricted items, ruger will not sell them to anyone.

    On the FP, I was also thinking of an internal return spring and then just a post for the tail. That way it would not have to cam the FP back and if it would work in the slot in the receiver to still block the hammer, it would make for a much easier design. Right now the FP just floates and is not always in the same position when the hammer hits it which causes inconsistant ignition which affects accuracy.
    I have not researched enough to know for sure that just a round type tail would work for sure, you'll have to take some time with that, but it would make the FR a drop in piece except for shaping and FP tip length adjustment.

    I have e mailed the CEO several times. He's the one that had the head engineer call me and I got nowhere whith him. Everything is perfect and they live in la la land.

    John K
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    I did contact the CEO, was positive. I was refered to the head engineer and the QC guy. I spoke with both of them and they are closed minded, i followed that up with the CEO. Never heard another word..
    I gave some very good suggestions and also told them what people were running into with the Mini as far a problems go.

    From what I can see, they just package every gun. If you get a good one, your happy. If you get one with problems, you can send it back to ruger, live with the problem, have your gunsmith try to fix it or fix it yourself.
    I figure Ruger thinks they are saving money because many people don't want to wait 6 weeks and have any mods they have done removed from the rifle, so they try to fix the problems themselves and in any cases they can.

    Everyone does a trigger job when they get a mini because the trigger is so bad there is no way you can hold a decent group. Send it back for repair and you will have new trigger parts and the same bad pull. They keep the old parts that someone paid a smith $80.00 to make right. Why do you want to loose a perfectly safe trigger when something small needs to be fixed. Unless it's a restricted part, you are going to fix it yourself. A decent lawyer proof trigger could be put in the gun, but they refuse and unless you are very lucky, you get the worst trigger of any gun in the industry.

    This is just my opinion based on what I and others have seen.

    My Tactical would not extract at all when I got it and had several other problems, so there is no way a QC person could have looked at it. They had to have test fired it, took a knife and pulled the case out of the chamber and boxed it up. No other explanation is possible. They just shined it on.

    I've seen pics of the two halves of the receiver 1/8" off and the gun was still shipped.
    What is one to figure?

    They continued to make mini's when they knew they had a major problem with the scope mounts until they got new machinery, they didn't stop production and pay more for a rush on the part they needed, they just kept making defective guns and boxing them up.. I can't even put a rail on mine, it cants the rail. I put an old scope I didn't care about in the ruger rings and it cut both sides of the scope tube really deep. I sent the gun back. The one scallop is very crooked and both are only cut to half depth on the one side (the other side the scallops are cast with the receiver), ruger sent it back, telling me the mounts were in spec. Lucky for me, we contacted Farrel Industries who is now making the best rail for the mini you can get. We explained the problem and they made a new rail that does not depend on the scallops to lock down the mount. I've got the first prototype. It requires gunsmith installation and is rock solid and in perfect alignment. You want the perfect mount that will not hurt your expensive scope, contact Farrel .

    I love my Rugers and have had zero problems until lately. Even gunsmiths who specialize in rugers admit there is a problem, but keep very low key about it.

    I want Ruger to redesign the bolt and FP and really do some good QC work. I want the Ruger to be the best. I am just having no luck getting through to them.

    I've really tried, just no one hears.

    I really am tired of beating my head against the wall and don't wish to keep harping on Ruger to get it right, so I'm going to stop here. It does no good to complain. If you get a Bad gun from ruger, complain to the high heavens. It's the only way they will ever change things is if enough people stop buying their guns. I know a lot of people who will not buy a mini 30 because of FP problems.

    If it was just me having the problem, I'd figure I just got a lemon, but go to other sites, nothing but bad reports with the exceptions of the people who were lucky enough to get a good one or drink ruger cool aid.

    They need to make a barrel with a #1 taper instead of all the cuts and angles which just puts stress into the barrel. After Cryo treatment to releive the stress they put in the barrel, my Tactical shoots much better. It should have a proper barrel on it to begin with.
    If ruger would correct the design, they would sell a lot of them, me included, but until they make a major design change and up their QC, I will not buy another ruger.
    All of this is my opinion, make of it what you will, but as I said, I'm done. I just want to help people with problems, help people make them shoot beter and also enjoy other parts of the forum as I own a bunch of firearms besides rugers.

    John K
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  8. Neophyte1

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    Good Information clearly written

    I appreciate your infomation; having read it over several times:) It isn't I agree; or disagree, it is information to put into perspective.

    My posting; my having contacted Ruger at different times; since this new ?? contact the CEO. Someone has responded; with positives. Didn't change my position; reinforced my dirrection; and discouraged. {read slowly}

    Anytime; we are put where we can ??? talk to the man in charge?? send them a note; share the issue or issues. Don't quit; all the while sticking to said topic.

    Were I in the market for a Mini; this would be discouraging. From Midway; we can order {backorder now} a replacement firing pin. I have firearms many many years old; same dang firing pin; haven't considered keep any on hand.
    other parts yes.

  9. rifleman55

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    The replacement FP's are from Glenn Arms. Most don't last more than a couple of boxes of ammo before breaking.
    If really fit correctly, they last a little longer, but not much.
    The problem is in the design of the FP and bolt. Until they are changed, FP's will break.
    Using ammo with softer primers does help, but I have heard from many that even doing that their FP's have broke.

    The only thing Ruger may understand is if everyone who has a problem posts about it and if sales drop.

    The big feeding frenzy is over on people buying every semi auto they could get their hands on. Ruger should start seeing a drop in sales, maybe that will wake them up.

    It's all a shame, I do love my Mini 14 and would love to buy a Mini 30, but it's just not going to happen, not for me anyway.

    John K
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    Anyone who won't buy a Mini-30 or even consider it because of these kinds of issues should tell the CEO -- lost sales should matter to them!