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    I found a new website that has my attention. It has a few good free section of info that I def. recommend checking it out.

    Its got some short read articles / free information regarding survival, the combat mindset, home defense, self defense, travel safety tips, a military deployment section, and my new favorite product...a Ebook download that is about 50 pages long.

    Thought Id write a quick review on it. Although I’ve got a few other log books, I’m pretty impressed with what I got for $9.99 one-time fee. After submitting my email address and following the prompts, I received an email containing the PDF document.

    The Ebook is basically a PDF file that I printed off. I figured instead of continuing to buy rifle log book re-loads for a high price, I found this and since they email you the PDF, reloads are free and I can have a customizable log book for each of my rifles. It has about 30 different charts that print off nicely onto an 8.5 x 11.5 paper. Perfect for a three hole punch and binder, and not too small that you cant log all your info without writing super small / not-too-legible.

    The first 15 pages go over aiming fundamentals, trigger control, environmental factors, shooting positions, safety rules,etc. It was actually a rather in depth review. It goes over mil-dot reticles, MOA reticles, range estimation, how to use the charts within the download, rifle come-ups, bullet drop charts, wind value / estimation and seems to be quite interactive. Also has a bit of ballistics and a section on reloading and a recipe work-up page.

    Im pretty happy with it. For 10 bucks, I figured its better than a trip to a fast-food place...but thought Id at least share with you. I posted the link below if you want to check it out. Make sure and go to the home page and look at the free short info / drop down sections as well...

    Heres a copy of content of the PDF EBook I took from their site:

    "The customizable rifle logbook/Ebook download you are buying includes 15 pages of proven instruction. From beginner to expert, you will want to have this information and you will learn from this information. Our download also includes an easy to follow table of contents, the USMC Rifleman's Creed, a list of safety rules, tips /tricks / easy to follow pre-made data tables, a range gear checklist, a load development / recipe chart, a barrel log chart, a bullet drop chart, a reticle explanation and mil-dot tutorial chart, a sight alignment and sight picture chart, 2 wind value / estimation charts, 4 range estimation tables, a 4 hold-over charts (2 ARMY mil-dot and 2 Leupold TMR), a blank range card, a shot call / shot impact chart, 12 known distance charts, a military range card, and a SNIPER target point description / range / location chart."

    Happy New Year...Dave