REVIEW: Kimber Custom II (youtube video)

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    Here's my basic review of my personal 1911 Kimber Custom II .45 ACP. I hope you enjoy. If there are any questions, please let me know.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Kimber Custom II 45 ACP[/ame]
  2. Dillinger

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    A Good video Sarge, as always from your production house.

    A few points.

    All full length 1911 pistol COME with a full length guide rod. This the Gospel according to JMB.

    The cut, or half guide rod, are out there. But a true, fullsize, 1911 is built on a full length guide rod.

    All my 1911's have a full length gude rod - As would be dictated by several hi profile 1911 specialists ( Dave Lauck, Mossad Ayoob, Brett Evans ).

    8 plus one, in a full sized frame, will throw those 8 rounds, accurately, into a target at 15 yards with the type of penetration that will feature the next bad guy on "Trauma: Life in the ER"

    The 1911 is THE pistol every pistol wishes to become. It's difficult to improve on perfection.


  3. NGIB

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    Actually most entry level 1911s use the original JMB system of the short rod and plug. My Mil-Spec is such a gun. In fact the Colt Gold Cup I had also used the short rod & plug. Most mid-level and above do come with the full length guide rods. It's a matter of personal preference as I've never seen a real difference in operation. Perhaps it could improve lockup (and accuracy) a tad.

    I dislike the 2 piece FLGRs (ala Springfield) as you need an allen wrench for takedown and they can shoot loose. The 1 piece FLGRs (Wilson and others make them) are OK and I have them in 2 of mine...
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    Nice job on that, Sarge.
  5. MrKimber

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    Nice reveiw! Thanks for doing that. I have a custom II as well and I love it. It has not had a single issue with several thousand rounds through it. I have not had any finish issues with mine and mine is nearly perfect fit and function right out of the box. IMO it is the best buy on the market today, you can bet your life on it.