Return of the 44 Auto Mag Pistol

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    I found this thought I'd get it out there.

    Auto Mag Company - The Original AUTO MAG Pistol & The AUTO MAG Book

    The Auto Mag Company
    Rockville, Maryland
    Return of the Auto Mag Pistol

    Rockville, Maryland - Memorial Day Weekend, 2010: The Auto Mag Pistol, based on the original Harry Sanford design, returns in two versions. New pistols will be produced by the new Auto Mag Company of Rockville, Maryland which has secured the rights to the remaining inventory, tooling and assets of the original Auto Mag Company from the family of Harry Sanford. Both pistols will be faithful to the .44 AMP Model 180. During the first quarter of 2011, the Auto Mag will once again be delivered to Auto Mag enthusiasts, hunters, collectors and adventurers.

    The Auto Mag Classic Model is a limited run of 350 Collector's pistols built on the last unfinished original Auto Mag frames in existence.

    The Auto Mag Kodiak Model will carry the legend of the Auto Mag forward, offered in traditional stainless steel and a standard Parkerized chrome-moly version. Other finishes available.

    Auto Mag Parts will be available as production ramps up to full speed late this summer. Until then continue purchasing from the only trustworthy source of authentic Auto Mag parts at

    Ammunition: We are proud to announce that we have a good relationship with Dakota Ammunition ( the makers of COR®BON ammunition. They currently offer a .44 Auto Mag round: 240 gr. JHP @ 1450/fps & 1120/Ft Pounds. Mike at Dakota assures us that they will keep .44 Auto Mag inventory and work with us to expand the offerings. If you want to help the Auto Mag project - go and buy a box of .44 Auto Mag rounds from!

    Pictures: Watch this summer for images of our new pistols.

    Having worked quietly since late 2009, the stage is now set for the return of the Auto Mag pistol.

    On May 30th, 2010 a select few websites were invited to alert the Auto Mag community to our efforts. We want you, loyal fans of the Harry Sanford masterpiece, to be part of this project before the general handgun community and collectors become part of the story. They will hear about it soon enough - but you deserve to be here first.

    Members of the new Auto Mag Company have had several outstanding conversations with icons in the Auto Mag’s history, and we thank them all for their contributions. Special thanks to LEJ, Max, Larry, Bruce, and of course, Walter.

    The new Auto Mag Company is well on its way to building the next generation of Auto Mag pistols. The Harry Sanford Model 180 Pistol is a superb firearm. Our Classic & Kodiak pistols will be faithful to this work of art. Bold. Beautiful. Powerful. Auto Mag.

    2011 Production numbers:

    350 Classic Pistols

    1,000 Kodiak Pistols

    From our 3,000 square foot corporate offices and primary manufacturing facility in the suburbs of Washington DC, manufacturing operations of new Auto Mag Classic & Kodiak pistols begin in the summer of 2010. A beautiful Lodge in Kodiak, Alaska will serve for final Quality Control inspection, including reliability & accuracy tests for every pistol we deliver. When you lift your new Auto Mag from the box, you will know that your pistol has passed our high standards of excellence in an environment befitting the Auto Mag pistol. The first new Auto Mag pistols will be on tour across the country beginning in October, and delivered to customers beginning early 2011.

    Auto Mag Classic: Included in the inventory of original Auto Mag assets secured from the family of Harry Sanford are the final 400 original unfinished Auto Mag frames in existence. Cast in the 1990's, we are reserving 50 frames for internal company use and development. The remaining 350 frames will be used to build the limited run Auto Mag Classic - the final Auto Mag pistols built on original frames that will ever be offered to the public. We will proudly mark each of these Collector's pistols with the original Auto Mag logo (that we have adopted). Harry Sanford's name and the word Classic will be scrolled across the receiver.

    Look for our very Special Offer on our Classic page. (FREE Companion Kodiak!)

    Auto Mag Kodiak: The Model 180 is available again as the new Auto Mag Kodiak in traditional stainless and a Parkerized chrome-moly version. Additional finishes available. Everything you love about the Auto Mag pistol, delivered with a spare magazine in a Pelican case to your FFL.

    Reservations are being accepted now for Classic & Kodiak pistols. Please use the Reservation Form.

    Auto Mag Company is NOT yet accepting deposits or payments - only reservations.

    We invite you into our website and to be part of the next chapter in the Auto Mag story. Our Development Team has been tasked to produce several prototypes during 2011 & 2012 based on the Auto Mag design, including versions in .22, .45 ACP, and a few surprises!

    During the fall of 2010, look for The Auto Mag Book: Collector's Edition. We are pleased to have Auto Mag authority Bruce Stark as a contributor to this definitive Auto Mag resource. This book will look back at the history of this iconic pistol and the team that created it, and forward to the Classic, Kodiak and beyond. The book will also include exciting articles and sneak-peek images of upcoming Auto Mag developments. The book will be available for retail sale in gun shops and at A free copy will be included with every pistol delivered.

    We will be establishing an Auto Mag Museum in Kodiak to showcase the largest collection of Auto Mag history in America. We hope you will help us build our collection. If you have a piece that you would consider worthy of space in our Museum, send us an email and we'll be pleased to consider your offer. We will launch the Auto Mag Adventurer's Club in the Fall of 2010. Be sure to meet our Miss Auto Mag this fall as she tours the country to present our pistols to you! We will be inviting a select group of Auto Mag Company insiders and contributors to an exclusive VIP Event (all expenses paid) this fall to unveil each new pistol in Kodiak, Alaska. Look for reports from this event in early October 2010: beautiful lodgings and landscape, great food, and new Auto Mag pistols available for field testing.

    Forgive the 'unspectacular' nature of this website - our IT Team will launch our 'Official' website this fall. Until then, we'll use this rather humble platform to keep you informed about our progress.


    Alexander Billings
    Classic & Kodiak Project Manager
    Auto Mag Company

    The 44 Auto Mag Pistol​

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