Retailers that carry concealed carry clothing?

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by paulbrower, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. paulbrower

    paulbrower New Member

    I'd like to find a retailer that carries concealed carry clothing, so I could try it on before buying. I live near St Louis MO. Any suggestions?

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  2. gollygee

    gollygee New Member

    I've been in gun stores that carried such items as vests, hunting jackets, etc.
    If you have an Academy, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shop or Cabelas near you, might try them.
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  3. g17frantz

    g17frantz New Member

    Paul, since you live close to stl (I'm in Columbia), bass pro has small collection and the cabelas in hazelwood should have some.
  4. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    Find out where the detectives shop.
  5. phburks

    phburks New Member

    What exactly is concealed carry clothing and why would a person need it?

    EDIT: What I mean is, why would someone need a special line of clothing to conceal their firearms? When I started carrying I had no desire to change my wardrobe and I've pretty much done that and worked my concealment into my normal wardrobe. Guess I don't understand exactly what the OP is asking about.
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  6. rigjumpr

    rigjumpr New Member

    IF you have a Gander Mountain in your area, they carry 5.11 gear or at least ours do. if this is the type stuff you're looking for.
  7. pioneer461

    pioneer461 New Member

    As a retired detective, carrying for life by state law and HR-218, I've always worn normal, off-the-rack clothing. Nothing special. I buy cover shirts and jackets one size larger than I need, to allow for guns and goodies on my belt, but that's about it. I almost never wore suits because my department understood the need to blend into the community. Nothing says "cop" like some guy dressed like Joe Friday walking up to your door with papers in his hand.

    The idea with being a detective or concealed carry licensee, is to blend in with your surroundings, not something unusual to draw attention to yourself. There's lots of tacti-cool stuff, including clothing, that's fine and functional, but doesn't always blend in with most surroundings.

    That's what this detective does. Your mileage may vary.
  8. Lynno

    Lynno New Member

    There are three locations of Uncle Sams that carry the 5.11 and Propper brand of tactical clothing. But keep this in mind...tactical clothing looks just like, well, tactical clothing. In order to effectively conceal your IWB holster and handgun, there is not a specific line of clothing you need to purchase.

    Depending on your body type and clothing style, a few simple adjustments are needed.

    1. Pants-You might need to buy 1 size up to accomodate the pistol and holster comfortably without cutting off circulation. Most pants will stretch a little, but if you plan on carrying a full size handgun, consider this an option.

    2. Shirts-If you plan is to leave them untucked, again it depends on how you wear your clothing. If you normally wear your clothing a bit loose, there should be no problems with concealment. If you like everything tight and form fitting, a wardrobe adjustment might be necessary.

    When first carrying concealed, a lot of people feel conspicuous and think that everyone is noticing the print of the grip. This is usually not the case, because 99% of the general public isn't looking for people carrying concealed, and unless you are acting in such a manner as to draw attention to yourself, you probably won't be given a second glance.

    When I began carrying concealed, I felt like everyone around me knew I was armed and could see my handgun. Then I began to realize that simply wasn't the case, and I got more comfortable.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Glock17LFan

    Glock17LFan New Member

    5.11 Tactical Gear has the best "concealed carry" clothing in the business. I own three of their holster shirts, which work really well. I carry concealed, everyday, my Glock 19 on one side, underneath the arm, and two spare 17 round mags on the other. There is NO printing at all, no one can tell I'm carrying concealed. I also own a few pairs of their "covert" and "Stryker" pants. All of their clothes fit true to size. I'm 5'10", 150lbs. and the small holster shirts fit like a glove. The 30'x32' pants were a perfect fit as well. I bought all these items sight unseen over the 'Net and will definitely be buying more from them. I also use a Glock 17L, a full frame gun, for my Duty/Service weapon, and the holster shirt swallows even that up, no problem. I'd recommend you check out 5.11. They are THE choice of LE and Security personnel world-wide for a reason. Their gear WORKS...

    REDTAIL Member

    I like 461. do the same thing buy a size bigger shirts jackets etc.Nothing fancy, Or expensive,Like the special concealment clothes companies charge etc. It's all a big sales pitch etc. like the late Rodney Dangerfield use to say in his movie there nothing better than " The Regular Guy Look.?"
  11. hardluk1

    hardluk1 Active Member

    Try to for get all the carry cloths and tacticool clothing. That stuff scream I am different or HEY I CC. If you can figure it out with how you normaly dress get some help from a season CC prerson. I have 26 years of CC'n and can still wear normal pants and a botton down or losser fit t-shirt and polo shirts and carry ether iwb or pocket. Even come winter time don't change a thang. Don't move your pistol around your body depending on how you dress.
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