Retail value S&W 38 Model 10 Military and Police Revolver

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    Our neighbor's husband left behind a S&W 38 Model 10 Military and Police Revolver with a 4" barrel. It was originally purchased in the mid 1970's from Oshman's in Houston. The wife reports that it was never fired as far as she knows. However, a quick check of the barrel under white light with a white piece of paper shows a few grains of something that is proabaly gunpowder. I certainly cannot see any pitting or other signs of wear and tear.

    She is curious as to the value. We also want to sell this to LTC licensed individuals only. Is that the right thing to do?

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    First- welcome to the forum- glad you found us.
    The S&W mdl 10 was sort of the vanilla police sidearm For the first 80 years of the 20th century. Reliable as all get out, accurate, durable, reasonable power and user friendly.
    Value of a firearm is going to be based on condition- and ALL guns that are sold have been fired- they are tested at the factory. If the lady has the box that the gun came in (medium blue, cardboard, S&W logo on it) that is a + to value.

    I checked "completed sales" of S&W Mdl10 4 inch blued over on Gunbroker. Actual selling prices range from $250-$350.

    In your state you may sell a handgun to a dealer in any state, or to another resident of your state so long as you do not have cause to believe they are prohibited from having a gun (criminal, illegal alien, nut case, minor, addict, etc) Limiting sale to holder of your state's concealed carry permit would accomplish that.
    If you got some pictures, put them up here.
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