Restoring Radom Vis 35 - DuraCoat/DuraFil

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    Got this one in bad shape. Outside, you can see how it looks. Inside, metal is good and almost no corrosion. I have blasted it a while back, to clearly see what I'm up against :D

    All small parts are good. Missing a firing pin (but thats on the way) and springs (also ordered).

    I plan to use DuraFil to repair slide and frame outside pitting, and then DuraCoat to finish. I have ordered matte black for this project.

    But I have no experience with it. I can read the instructions of course, but can I sand/file off excessive amounts of DuraFil? How to apply it properly, not to over do it lol.
    And then, painting with DuraCoat - will it add + on dimensions? I just want to use it on frame and slide outside, not the small parts. Small parts will be blued. Can paint cause small parts not to fit in?
    Should I blue slide and frame prior to applying DuraFil and DuraCoat afterwards (to protect the insides that wont be painted)?
    Thanks in advance

    I am sure I will have more questions lol.
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