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I'm restoring this shotgun...given to me by a friend in poor condition. He also gave me a Remington 788 .222, also in poor condition. That gun is much more valuable than the Ithaca, so I figured I'd get good at gun restoration on the Ithaca...not the Remington.

I have the gun disassembled, the stain and finish removed from the stock, and I've started sand blasting the receiver, trigger, hammer, etc.

I'm going to restain the wood and coat with Tru-Oil, use blue/rust remover on the barrel and reblue with Oxpho-Blue, and paint the receiver with Aluma-Hyde II semi-gloss black.

I have a question regarding the hammer and trigger. After looking at various pictures of these guns, it appears that the hammer and trigger were neither blued or painted...but left bare. Should these be blued or painted? If not, how do I keep them looking shiny and metallic?

I'll probably have other questions later...any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.
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