Restored IVER JOHNSON ARM'S & CYCLE WORKS 12 guage Shotgun

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  1. Sargeant

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    I was given a Very Used, Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works 12 Guage and resored it to woking order. It is a one shot, breach Loading Champion Model:)
    Can anyone give me a ball park figure of it's worth? It's Serial Number is 14703. It, was manufactured in Fitchburg, Mass.U.S.A. Champion and has
    -12 gauge -Choke Bore-Barrel and Lug forged in one Stamped on it
  2. allyellow

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    according to the 29th edition of blue book values the champion single barrel

    60% is $75 to 80% is $150 to 100% is $250 subtract 25% for birch stock

    thats mfg 1970s (mfg 1909-70s)

    also extra info it states the champion model was mfg for montgomery ward
    during 1930-1940s under the "western field" name. also mfg in canada by
    cooey in the late 1920-early 1930s values are similar to above