Rest Area “encounter”

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by AgedWarrior, Jul 22, 2020.

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    Sorry please let me refresh my memory... oh yes, now i remember...agedwarrior’s initial post, quote:

    He reached down and pulled his shirt up so as to expose a decent sized sheath knife on his belt and reaches for it with the other hand. Unquote.

    no, Ingramite, et al., the OP wasn’t victimized in a rest area’s restroom whatsoever, not in the least!

  3. Ingramite

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    I have noticed that reading comprehension is not one of your strengths.

    Impressive how you refreshed your memory into changing what I said from "You were NOT victimized" into "the OP wasn't victimized in a rest area's restroom whatsoever, not in the least" just to attempt to be disagreeable with me. I believe that attempting to be disagreeable is really your strong suit. It does seem to be the apple you polish anyway.

    Now for me? I don't know any "et al".
  4. Sniper03

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    And in the days we are living in, the #1 most important thing is!
    SITUATIONAL AWARENESS! "ALWAYS"! And especially when you are away from home as Warrior was. I make sure I am aware of what is going around me even here at home. For example if a strange car comes up our drive 1/4 miles long and someone stranger gets out that I do not know. Since we live in the Boonies, I always stick my 40 Cal. Glock down in the back of my pants belt. And greet the stranger with my foot acting like a door stop! "Can I Help You"? Until I find out who it is or verify who they are. That is not being paranoid just cautious and prepared should the worst happen. With the nearest police being 25-30 minutes away at best! You have to be cautious since I have my Wife to protect and here at home, we are pretty much as stated, on our own should something happen.
    An example is when women or anyone goes shopping. They need to check the area for suspicious people in the parking lot when leaving or returning to their car. And looking under their car as they walk up to get in and leave. These are just a couple of examples of many!
    Situational Awareness needs to be "Learned" and "Practiced by everyone"!;) *And don't forget to teach our children and family to do the same!:)

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    Ingramite, per you post 1604 post today -24 jul 2020, where you “replied” To agedwarrior’s original post which started the thread with...

    AgedWarrior said:
    Appropriate notifications were made folks and description given to LE. When I first posted I was in the process of a cross country move and not particular about getting every detail here. I have a lot to do! But thought I might share briefly about the incident. I appreciate inputs from many, not so much a few others, for now that is all I am going to share.

    where you postulated a lengthy post quoted below where you unequivocally stated (bolded) which is what i posted in my post to you...
    so you truly believe i misquoted you?

  6. Ingramite

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    Thanks for making my quote in bold type-
    "You were not victimized and you walked out of there alive."

    I now can understand way more better how it plays against your quote in message #62....
    "no, Ingramite, et al., the OP wasn’t victimized in a rest area’s restroom whatsoever, not in the least!".

    The assertion was not that you had misquoted me but that you are attempting to be disagreeable. I believe that with the use of bold letters and underscored quotes you see how your own pee pee has been thoroughly and completely ensnared in your in busted.

    But hey, I'm a compassionate man so I'm not going to attempt to rub your nose in it. Besides, I heard the kitchen timer and the pizza rolls are ready....tootles
  7. Nmwabbit

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    Of course not...ya go well in the lone star state...
  8. c3shooter

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    Gentlemen- to be blunt, we are 4 pages now, much of which is some of you busy peeing on another member's boots.

    If you can't agree, then agree that you disagree, and walk away. Other folks are tired of the squabbling.
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