Resources for "non-gun owning people" to enable them to understand the current debate

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    I have prepared some a resource to share with the uninformed:

    Gun Control For Dummies - A Beginner's Guide

    If you follow the link above you will find a ton o resources on the current gun control debate. They are fact based, sourced and aimed specifically at the person who do not own a gun. PLEASE SHARE AND PROMOTE!

    Topics include:

    Gun and Gun Control Facts Test - How Much Do You Really Know?

    Why Virtually All Gun Owners Oppose A Ban On "Assault Weapons" - And Why You Should Too

    Gun control advocates argue that by limiting magazine capacities, lives can be saved. Do the facts support this idea?

    Why Magazine Capacity Limits Are Pointless

    What's Wrong With More Background Checks?

    Common Ground? 5 Gun Control Measures Both Sides Agree Upon

    What Can Be Done To Reduce Mass Murder Incidents?

    What The National Media Left Out Of The Portland Mall Shooting Story

    Does Gun Control Really Save Lives?

    The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Missing - A Point By Point Analysis Of President Obama's Executive Orders And Recommendations On Gun Violence