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    This relentless assault on our 2nd Amendment Rights from the Chicago Democrats has crossed a line! There is a huge movement from people like us in this state right now, and we're making progress, but CAN NOT GIVE UP NOW.

    They will not give in - neither can we!! I have created a list to keep track of who is pro 2nd and who is a gun grabber...but I need *YOUR* help to keep it up to date.

    If you hear from your representative, let me know who they are and whether they support or oppose the destruction of our 2nd Amendment Rights.
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    You can put Frank Mautino down as Pro. He gets an A from te NRA. I emailed him last week.

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    Pulled from another forum, if someone finds a link please post it.

    BREAKING: Illinois Firearms Ban Bill Dies in Committee, Not on Agenda for Lame Duck Session

    Posted on January 6, 2013 by Nick Leghorn
    TTAG has just learned from Todd Vandermyde, legislative guy for the NRA, that the Illinois gun ban bill has died in committee. Specifically, that the chairman for the committee refused to bring the bill to vote. Here’s his email:
    The chair annouced they would not be calling the gun ban for a vote
    Back story is they were short on votes and still tinkering with language, amidst the uprising of gun owners.

    Expect the bill to be resurrected if and when the Democrats are able to swing the votes in their favor. The official statement from the Democratic committee chairman, Elaine Nekritz:

    It is clear that we will need bipartisan support in order to take floor votes on gun safety and marriage equality this week. We will take some time to work on these important issues to advance them in the near future. The executive committee has been delayed, but we still intend to hold a hearing on marriage equality shortly.

    It was also announced that similar bills would not be on the agenda for the rest of the lame duck session. Unfortunately, since the next assembly is even more Democrat than before, that might not be such a good thing.
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    Yes, this one was shot down - again.

    But there are lots of promises to bring it back with the new assembly being sworn in.

    My list will be updated as I get ahold of new information.

    My thought is if we can Identify the people who support the 2nd, no need in wasting our time there, we can instead concentrate on the gun grabbers and floor their offices with even larger numbers.
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    maybe they can get on to something important now, like running up the deficit.................