Requesting knowledge on Mosin 91/30

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    Hello, I am new to this forum and rather firearms as far as knowledge goes.

    I was gifted a Mosin Nagant 91/30 to replace an M44 I had lost, but that's a long story.
    So yesterday I went shooting, and things were alright. I made sure the bolt was firmly pressed in the receiver when the rounds chambered, but it wasn't difficult to secure the bolt (tips I heard were red flags for head spacing issues, but if I'm wrong I do need correction, I'm here to learn).

    Anyway, it fired great, I started out 1 round at a time, but then I filled the internal magazine and tried to fire all 4 of them. Each time I lift the bolt to eject round 3 of 4, the bolt handle gets REALLY sticky, to the point that slamming my open palm upwards to lift bolt didn't even release it.

    I noticed that as the receiver heats up, the bolt would stick, and I would have to give it about 10 seconds (and by touch, a noticeably cooler bolt) before I was able to lift handle to eject the spent rounds.

    Back when I had my M44, the bolt would always try to stick a little just before handle was fully lifted, as does this new 91/30, but the M44 never froze in that position, or got affected by heat regarding performance for that matter.
    When I picked out the 91/30 in the store (was gifted to me via friend's VISA) I selected one that had a perfectly smooth action, because I remembered my M44 sticking. However, the store had 2 91/30's and the clerk accidentally wrote the serial number for the wrong one, so when I finished my punishment period for living in California (10-day wait) I relieved that I had bought a rifle I chose against.
    I wasn't upset, hell the rifle was free and I was comfortable with it's set-up and shouldering and everything, and sale was final anyway, but that bolt turned out to be more of an issue than I thought. I hope I didn't post a long post for a well-known and easy-to-fix issue, but I didn't have anywhere to turn for this problem and Google can't win all my battles.

    For the infos I was firing crap-ish ammo, HotShot 180 gr leadcore brass jacket (is that description sufficient?). Never had a problem with their ammo, it's just "cheap." I only owned 21 round at the time, so I only fired 16 of them, but by round 15 I could barely cycle the weapon and decided to put it away before it blew my face off or something. My friend suggests that I research over-pressurization in the chamber from the wrong ammo.

    Anyone have ideas?
    Your time is appreciated, especially since I am long-winded when i type.
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    I am no expert.....but try shooting steel cased ammo out of it. Steel case doesn't expand as much as brass and may help with extracting the round.
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    Ditto on the steel case ammo and are sure its pretty clean?
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    This. It's not the easiest thing to do, but you can take the bolt apart, give it a good cleaning. It involves rotating the inside piece as if it were inside the rifle. Be careful, it will snap into place very quickly, I got a chunk of my finger stuck in there and it was PAINFUL.
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    OP, you have minor sticky bolt syndrome. Follow the instructions above. My buddy has a miss-matched Hungarian M44, he had to buy one since he loved my matching Hungarian. He literally had to kick the bolt open until I cleaned the chamber for him. Now it is very smooth operating.
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    Try a complete bolt soaking in Kroil. Kroil is a creeping cleaner and lube. A good chamber cleaning would help. Good luck
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    1. Follow the link to surplus

    2. Strip and clean the bolt. Kroil is great stuff.

    3. Find a brush, about 50 cal, a length of cleaning rod, a drill, and some Hoppes #9. Attach brush to rod, insert rod in drill, wet brush, insert into chamber, spin for about 30-45 seconds, then clean patch it. VERY thin layer of dried goop that gets sticky as it warms up.

    4. Otherwise, you will need to buy one of C3's patented M-N sticky bolt openers. Looks just like a 2 ft length of 2x4. Available at better lumber yards everywhere. :p