replacing the front site post on mosin nagant

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    Can anyone tell me how to replace the front site post on a mosin nagant?
    I've got a 1931 hex head nagant, it shoots like a match rifle, but I have to aim two feet below the black to get my groups. Tight *** groups by the way 3" at 100 yards, off the bench. After trial and error, I determined my front site post must have been ground down a little too much, so instead of replacing the whole front sight, I was wondering if theres anyway to just replace the post.
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    Actually most of them do hit really high at 100 yards. Mine was zeroed at somewhere around 400 yards. I did a sporterize on it at home. Yea, yea, someone is going to say how stupid it was. I cut and recrowned my barrel to 19 inches and cut and refinished my stock. I put a forward mounted scope on it a couple hours ago.

    If you want to spend $65 you can get an adjustable peep sight for it at

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    They all shoot high...a piece of electrical wire shrink tube or a hollow Q-tip shaft can be added to the post then shortened to get a true zero. Added benefit of raising the post is that you can customize it to a more comfortable cheek weld position without having the rear sight level with the receiver. For example, you can lengthen the front sight post so that the rifle is zeroed at 100 yds with the rear sight raised to the 600 or 800 meter position if that is a more comfortable shooting position for you.
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    Awesome ideas Jpyle, Rick, I'll check out midway arms like you said too. Thanks guys.
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    try putting on the bayonet lol sounds funny but mine shot high left then i put on the bayonet and it was shooting dead on at 200 yards. :)
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    Slip a piece of insulation off of electrical wire over the post and adjust it as necessary. I have seen some replacement post, I believe on ebay. I have never changed one, but you must have to drift the sight off of the sight base and replace it from the bottom.

    There is also a small company who makes replacement sights with all kinds of lengths and colors. These sights are also on ebay.