replacement ruger mark 1 sights

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    I have a friend who has a mark 1 ruger. Shoots low, really low. Unfortunitely the back sights are fixed. Does anyone know of adjustable replacement back sights for this? Can you use a sight off a mark 2 for a mark1? Visually it seems the mark 1 dovetail is a bit smaller, but I could be mistaken.
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    Quich check at Numrich indicates likely different part numbers for Mk 1 and Mk II, but why not check directly with Ruger? Use their website, contact tech services.

    Might also find out WHY is shooting low- is FRONT sight correct for this bbl, etc.

  3. stalkingbear

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    I have a cheap alternative. Simply file (or grind with a dremel) the top of the front sight down until it's hitting exactly where you aim. Just be sure to go a little at a time, confirming point of impact as you go.
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    Thanks guys but I already checked on rugers website. I was able to find out the date of manufacture by the serial number through their website. Other than that the website was not much help. Thought I'd throw this question out before I called.

    Shaving the front sight down was my first thought, Till I shot it. You have float the front sights almost 3/4 up at 25 feet, but it is consistant. Never seen anything like this. Plus his eyes aren't getting any better and I plan on drilling and inserting a orange insert on his front sights. I need to find a high contrast adjustable back sight. Would be a lot easier if I could talk him inot just putting a scope on the gun.
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