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Hello all


This might be in the wrong category, might have been better off in the gunsmithing section, but? For your carry guns, Semi or revolver, what parts do you keep spare for your pistols? I've never seen too many break, or go bad, but I have always thought it was prudent to carry some of the following:

1. Firing pin
2. Extractor
3. Mainspring
4. Recoil spring
5. Small pin set of common pins

On used guns, I get a replacement set of springs from WOLFF, and set the others aside as spares after testing! I know it's not a log list, it will easliy fit in a small plastic bag and slip into your gun rug or in the bottom of your gun case, I mark each with make and model as after awhile they all look the same? What else do you all set aside and what all have you had the need to replace? In my past, it was a firing pin on an older Browning HI Power, a Recoil spring on a 1911A1, that was kinked by poor handling? Never seen to much more fail? I saw an older Muaser rifle with a hunk chipped off the extractor hook, still worked fine? Only replaced it as it worried me? Just wondering what the groups thought on this and look forward to your responces?
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