Renaming Online Retailers For Accuracy.

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    Wallmart pays it’s associates an average of $11.38/hr. That is roughly $23,000 per year if they are working full time. So, say $2000 per month. Take 20% in taxes and they have $1600 take home.

    Form that $1600, take out an average rental housing rate for a 2-bedroom apartment of $1000, So $600 left for utilities, transportation and groceries.

    Yep, leading employer with employees recovering SNAP benefits.
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    You are a ways off in wages for my area!!! 7 Walmart's here and I know a few of their employees. Try about $15.00 or more for a full time valued employee. Less for a part time slug. Get real!!!!!
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    Sorry but you're putting out incorrect information, people making $23,000 a year don't pay income tax. If they are taking it out of your check you'll get every bit of it refunded, if not more.

    A sign in front of the local Wally World says they will start you out at $12. There is no sign forcing you to come in and apply.
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    Fingers in the pie. The "fingers" are literally everywhere, running everyone's lives. A primary reason the "Nanny State" moniker came along, to rename "Government" to what, in practice, it all too often really is.

    Generally, IMO we shouldn't be having "Nanny" anything. Get out of setting pricing policies, dictating feature details on products, controlling the function of commercial activities, and in general everything about who/what/when/where/why people do what they do. Unless and until it actually infringes upon the rights or liberties of another, when the legal system is then appropriate to address it. Such principled governance should never go out of style, no matter how many straight-democracy threats to republicanism come blowing on the winds.

    For renaming, I suggest there's one well-known business that's named perfectly appropriately: Dick's (sporting goods), given how they've slid and based on their, um, less than stellar reputation among those in-the-know. Good name for them.
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    I always called Lowes, Slows. Ask for help, you will see what I mean. Home Depot, goes by Home Despot.
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    If you're not satisfied with your wage, go to night classes, or take online classes and better yourself.

    Don't piss and moan because the guy that's better educated and works harder than you do makes more money.