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    I am needing to remove the dovetail sights on a .22. I dont want to damage the sights and if i try to drive them out they are scarred up. i know that if i put heat to them i will bw able to remove them, but i dont know if that will cause any more damage to the barrel. i am not real worried about the finish on the barrel b/c i am going to reblue it in the next few days. I was wanting to know if anyone knows an easy way to remove these sights or will heating them be the way to go?
  2. cpttango30

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    If you are worried about messing up the sights why not just leave them on there?

    Mild heat shouldn't hurt any thing. I have taken a propane torch to my remmy 700 with no ill affects. Don't go and try to make the thing red hot just add enough heat to get the sights out.

    If you really want them removed then get a sight press tool from or or take it to a gunsmith. I am sure this would be a $25 or $30 job that way you are helping to support and boost the econ.

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    i have worked with iron sight for years you just need to know a few basics. either front or rear sifgt doesnt matter all are the same. always drive the sight from the left to the right to remove them and reinstall right to left. to keep from marring the sight some use a brass punch however i have had brass drifts mar steel. i use a solid pvc dowel or a hard wood dowel. if it is stiff it may break a wood dowel or two before it loosens. the sight removing tool mentioned earlier only works on front sights with a ramp if i know the one he is talking about. steer clear of heat. heat changes the tensil strenght of steel.have someone hold the rifle for you.