Removing history from national cemeteries

Discussion in 'History' started by boatme98, May 25, 2020.

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    Your money is their money. :(
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    Served three years in a military HS and JC: Wentworth Military Academy (now defunct), in Lexington, MO. There were a number of skirmishes there during the (un)Civil War. Residents there had pretty much gotten over it, but knew and appreciated the town's history. Quaint town and good folks.

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    I wonder what a 15ft tall bronze, granite or marble statute would cost to replace? By that I mean: I wonder if towns could go after such perps, hard, financially, for the destruction of property the People have paid for such items. Can't imagine it'd be anything less than $six figures for such a statute ... probably more, in many cases.

    Imagine a group of people wielding 20lb sledgehammers upon the Vietnam Memorial, in DC, taking out a dozen panels. Outright warfare might well start, then, if such people aren't careful, simply due to the abject effrontery of such an act.

    They're playing with fire, such people. I suspect most don't even know it.
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    Vietnam memorial: I knew 'nam vets that hated, loathed, detested and despised the Black Gash. until they went there the first time. many went back.

    some of you remember a radical who was one of the Chicago Seven: Jerry Rubin. he was a stockbroker when he died.

    these fools have no idea what fools they are.
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