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426 Posts the cyl and make sure it is empty.

On the right side of the revolver, forward of the trigger, is a screw.

Carefully remove it with a proper fitting screw driver...pull the cylinder forward and the cyl and crane will come off the frame. The crane will pull forward off the ejector rod and seperate from the cyl itself. DO NOT disassemble and further.

Clean the cly and crane..add 1 drop of oil onto the crane outside diameter and slide the cyl back onto it. Place the cyl and crane back into the frame and close the cyl. Replace the screw into the right side of the frame.
Tighten snugly bot not too need to gorilla it.

Open the cyl and close to veryfy function.

You are good to go.

Clean the inside of the cyl and barrel with a poly or brass brush. NEVER a stainless brush unless there is lead to remove.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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