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    Hey y'all I was wondering if I could get feedback from experience is the Remington 700 better than the 770 and what would be a better caliber at .270 or .308 ??
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    The 700 is twice the rifle of a 770.

    The 770 is a cheap rifle, not high quality at all, a portion of the reciever (around the bolt) is actually plastic. Skip the 770 for sure, my dad has one, its accurate, that's all I can say for it

    As for the caliber, I'm a fan of both the 308 and 30-06, the .30 cal is the best balance of everything in my opinion.
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  3. Axxe55

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    the M700 is as said, is ten times the rifle the M770 will ever be. Remington wanted an entry level, budget priced bolt action rifle, and they dropped the ball big time with the M770.

    just so you know, i speak from experiance. i own many M700's in various calibers, and bought a M770 in 30-06 several years ago. poorest excuse for a rifle i have ever owned or shot. best groups were about 2-3" groups at 100 yards. accurate? not hardly. bolt would bind and not feed shells smoothly, gritty and heavy trigger, and the stock felt very flimsy. i sold it very shortly and took a loss on it, and was glad to be rid of it. IMO, they are junk.

    the 270 or 308? depends on what the intended use is and whether you plan on hunting or target shooting. personally i own both, but i also reload for both.

    you might want to check out the Marlin X7 series of rifles. they come in both calibers and are very well made rifles, very accurate and priced just a little more than the Remington M770's. i own three of them and they are just as accurate and well made as some of my more expensive rifles. they deserve looking into.