Remington Wingmaster youth stock 12 ga?

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by PlasticGunner, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. PlasticGunner

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    Can anyone tell me is Remington ever made a youth stock for the 12 ga wingmaster? I am looking at a old used 12 ga youth stock on the internet right now and I want to buy it but I do not think they made a youth wingmaster in 12 ga and I am afraid this stock may be for a 20 ga. The stock does look like it is from a wingmaster from the photos.:confused:
  2. Virginian

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    I don't recall Remington making a 12 gauge youth stock, but I think they did make one for the old standard weight 20, and that receiver was the same size as the 12. Someone else who makes synthetic stocks - name escapes me at the moment - does make one though.

  3. Old_Crow

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    Likely you can find a chart that shows the length of a 20 ga youth stock. If the 12 ga stock is the same length you have a youth stock. I have seen a lot of express stocks that could pass for youth stocks.