Remington , What have you done.?

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  1. dango

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    The Marlin ,Lever , 45/70,s used to be one of the best guns out there..! Since the "Buy' of 2010 , they,ve been nothing more than junk..! Barrels off center , chambers and barrels left in the rough , receiver blocks ,(TOOL MARKS) , ETC.!

    I have not seen much more than bashing since "Remington" had bought them..!
    What have you done to my Rifle..? Jerks of all trades blindly trying to master
    this production of an "Icon"..!

    I've changed my ways and only look for the guns before the buy 2010 , but will need some under-ground source to get parts..! Go back to building SHOT-GUNS Remington , and take a step back , maybe "SLING-SHOTS" ..?

    What say yee..?
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  2. HockaLouis

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    Shotguns? Their 870's aren't much better these days. The Express' are known for locking up!

  3. locutus

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    Was looking at a few 700 SPS the other day. Truly top end.:)
  4. eatmydust

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    Make damn sure your Marlin's barrel is stamped with "JM" up near the receiver or yer screwed!

    Looks like this:

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  5. JoeTho

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    I just checked mine and it does not have JM stamped on the barrel. Mine is a new marlin 336 chambered in 30-30. I cleaned it up a bit and the action is so smooth. I added a weaver rail but no optics yet. I have not fired her yet, but I am encouraged by her look, feel, and legacy.
  6. MOshooter

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    Cerberus Capital Management

    Not sure how you can blame Remington for Marlins move & quality control?
    These are the folks you should place blame on Cerberus Capital Management or Marlin for selling out.
  7. GeneralPatton

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    True that. Almost all are owned by huge conglomerates nowadays. And I actually currently have two 870 express models, and both are perfect. I mean, it is the best selling shotgun in history.....
  8. JonM

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    Lot of misinformation about marlin lever guns running around. Pretty much all of it is just repeated internet rumor with no basis in reality.

    Dango do you actually own a marlin rep stamped gun??

    The newer rep guns are have the old style cut rifling otherwise known as ballard rifling. Most of the jm guns are microgroove. Microgroove is a bad thing for shooting most cast bullets which are the normal fodder for most marlins in the original chamberings.

    Microgroove works fine if you have a 30-30 offering but terrible for pistol chamberings or 45-70 rifles.

    My rep stamped marlin 1895 is true square and shoots moa. Action is smooth and feeds flawless. I have yet to see an actual rep stamped marlin in a store that is buggered up brand new.

    Lots of rumors started by the tinfoil hat crowd in order to discredit marlin but thats about it.
  9. TLuker

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    I don't about Marlin, but I have a new M700 BDL and I can say without a doubt the quality has gone down at Remington. They are either a cheaper metal now or they just aren't polishing them correctly, or both. And there a couple of little details in the wood stock that aren't right. I wish I had bought and older M700. The gun still functions fine but it's not the quality of the older M700s. :mad:
  10. NC1760

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    This can happen when a corporation banner company takes over (remember AMF Harley's from the 70's ???).... They get more concerned with pumping product into the pipe (I.E. profit) that quality control falls to the wayside. I had a Remmy 1100 from '93 (my Brother In Law has it now.. long story, don't ask) and it was the BEST semi-auto shotgun I have ever shot... Then I got my son a Marlin 795 a couple of years back. It's okay.. but it has to be constantly dialed in, jams on any 22 long ammo (fine with the higher end 22LR though) and little after market products for that particular model to customize... Knowing what I know now, I would have bought a Ruger 10/22.

    The good news is.. If Remmy ever goes private again and starts listening to the customer base, they can right the ship (again.. remember Harley Davidson??)
  11. eatmydust

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    I worked for a company that Cerberus Capital used to own.

    I can emphatically say that everything they touch turns to s#!t!!