Remington UMC ammo

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by ninjatoth, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. ninjatoth

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    I am pretty new to handguns and ammo,so I don't know alot about this ammo.My wife came home with a 50 count box of Remington UMC 9mm 115 grain ammo.It was about 20 bucks,so I figured they were plinkers,not too much more money than the average 50 count plinkers around here.But when I took one out I reilized that they were JHP.Are these meant for practice or defense?They are $3 less per 50 than my Federal hydra-shok 20 count box,so I would say they are 60% cheaper per round than the Federal,but they look almost identical.They look like defense rounds,something don't add up,what's the difference in Remington UMC that makes them so much cheaper?
  2. c3shooter

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    Yes, they are "social purpose" defense rounds. Yes, they are cheaper than the Hydras. Yes, you are paying that much more for the name. :D

  3. gorknoids

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    UMC burns just fine, but I haven't looked up things like muzzle velocity, penetration and comparative projectile expansion for the two yet. You should Google them for specs and see what the test results say.
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    Remington UMC is good ammunition. I personally wouldn't use it for social purposes. I prefer ammunition that is specifically designed for that. I don't generally buy UMC, but it is good, clean and accurate. So if I come across a good deal, I'll pick some up, but I just use it for practice.
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    UMC is good ammo. Different ammo will shoot differently in different guns. Your gun may shoot better groups with the UMC over Remington. The groups may be high in one ammo compared to the other ammo. I always try several different types of ammo in my guns.
    Try to find something your gun likes, and keep that for your carry rounds.
    As for the difference in hollow points to ball ammo, ball is generally for plinking. Hollow points are generally considered more of a "meat eater".
    With all that said, European law enforcement usually carry ball ammo. Hollow points are outlawed in large parts of the world.
    If you are forced to shoot someone with ball ammo, and the shot is on tartet, you'll be o.k.