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Remington SPR

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I was wondering if anyone has any hands on experience with the Remington SPR shotguns. Last I heard these were being made in Russia (Spartan is the name I remember). They look good on the Remington website, but we all know you can make a cow look good for one or two pictures.
Anyway, if you have one/checked one out closely, I would like to know about it. Wood to metal fit, general fit and finish, the standard things you want to know about any gun. Is "Remington" stamped on it? Is "MADE IN RUSSIA" on it, I'm old school and that might be a deal breaker for me.
As of yet no dealer around me has carried one and they will only order it as a pre-sale.
John Q.
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They were originally imported by EAA, then Remington took over and the price went up, Gander Mountain stocks them. I don't know if you have one near you. I looked at them as a coach gun for SASS, but I like CZ USA's much better. They have a whole line of SxSs. Their's have case colored recievers, make's anice looking SxS, more money but a better gun.
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