Remington Shtgun Cycling Problems

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    I bought a Remington 870 Express a few months ago. I had heard of people having problems with cycling but mine didn't have a problem after the first 300 rounds. After the 300, I decided to give it my first real cleaning, other than just the bore. I did not disassemble and field strip, but I wiped the inside with No. 9 solvent on patches, then lubed with RemOil.

    After doing this cleaning I went shooting yesterday and started having problems with cycling. By placing the gun in my hip and pulling the pump as hard as I could I could get it to cycle. It didn't do it with every shot but about every 10 stuck. Towards the end, the extractor failed to pull out the shell and just ripped the plastic around it completely, leaving the spent shell inside the barrel.

    I would like to figure out if anyone has had any similar problems and if so what you have done to fix the problem.
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    Time to completely tear it down and clean it thoroughly. Use slovenly and brushes early. Dry all if that off then oil and reassemble. Also, was this the first outing with plastic covered rims on the shells? Those can be a bit if a pain.

    Most likely having the solvent in there loosened and moistened some if the gunk and let it flow into the recess for the extractor and won't let it move properly to grip the rim if the shell. Also, make sure the chamber is clean and daily dried out before shooting. Having excessive oil in the chamber will actually cause the shells to stick a bit, due to hydraulic pressure.
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    Obviously the gun is doing its part as the extractor ripped a piece out of the cartridge. Remove the barrel and clean that chamber.